Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300

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  • Usamah Bin Laden

well i wish i do not have to hide under the earth no more to have social life like you all AND i will buy THIS MAGNIFICENT PHONE oh yes yess I am coming baby....

  • ste r

hey fello phone people i see u all really want this phone an i hav all the info u want due to having the phone and being the brother of a nokia employee ill be happy to help

  • Anonymous

cool! how much is the price?

  • viraj baba godha`

i am want to know the showroom price of Nokia 9300

  • S. Isiaq

Good Day,

My name is Isiaq from Nigeria. I want to use this opportunity to ask maybe i can make use of Nokia 9300 in Nigeria.

Thanks for understanding

S. Isiaq

  • Supandi

How much the price Nokia 9300 or 9500 (included shipping).
Can we bid from Jakarta, Indonesia by card

  • Pikao

IŽll have to buy a Truck to carry this one!!! NOKIA I need a Phone with computer not computer with a Phone.

  • solomon

i am intrested in buying noki9a product in store and i will be happy if you can tell how to payed for it

  • sjarrel van son

this phone is wicked.

  • vipul shah

which is the new model after 9210i for the indian market

  • saedahmadss

very handsom.

  • Joel

can it not also have a video and digital camera?


very coooool i wish i have

  • ehsan

no camera on the nokia 9300, ridiculous

  • Sandy

its de coolest phone and mostly covered all features with the executive look.

  • jatin sethi

it is awesome

  • mostafa

i hope the telephon i wish uuuu

  • antonics

mobile advisor is ryt. 6230 was released and still had some bugs. i hope nokia does better job of debugging the software prior to release to the market. could be a marketing ploy since some operators charge for software upgrade if current version is buggy.

  • Christopher

To who is may concern,

The Phone has a really lovely design and is going to take cell phones to a whole new phase.

Best regards,

  • Mobile advisor

well dear mobile maniac,let me tell you the ultimate answers for all questions.
Nokia usually have difficulties in releasing their product.It takes half a semester to go thru QC.(Quality control).So these nokia 9300 will only be released next year april..just see the nokia was a long ago product but still not released., u can imagine when this 9300 will be released