Nokia 9 PureView update makes the fingerprint reader less secure

Ro, 22 April 2019

Right from the start, the Nokia 9 PureView's under display fingerprint reader wasn't as reliable as it should be so HMD Global is now pushing a software update to take care of the issue. Some users have already installed it but it turns out that it causes a security issue with the fingerprint scanner.

The update appears to have improved the fingerprint reader's performance but after applying the patch, many users found they could unlock their phones with an unregistered finger or even something as random as a pack of chewing gums.

It is most likely an issue with the newly tweaked algorithm and is now doing a less precise scan when certain conditions are met.

It looks like another patch is needed to take care of the false positive readings so stay tuned or maybe don't install the update if you haven't already.


Reader comments

  • lunlunkwok

Seems u are right, quite disapponted to the HMD. They just keep agitating theirbfans and supporters of orig Nokia. I have my NoKia 9 in April, but the front glass shattered last month, without dropping or crashing it. They are charging a fee o...

  • Andy

Capacitive "regular" scanners were fine. These stupid companies like fixing nonexistent problems instead of actual ones like batteries being too small in most phones

  • Andy

In a year's time... Person 1, "Hey remember when Nokia went bankrupt?" Person 2, "Which time"?

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