Nokia and Orange will develop 5G networks together

Peter, 30 January 2017

Nokia and Orange have partnered up to develop the future 5G mobile networks. Key updates include “Ultra Broadband” and Internet of Things support. Nokia’s infographic on 5G details the possibilities of a 5G network, which will go far beyond mobile phones.

Everything from smart clothes to road toll collection is on the cards. This approach will greatly increase the number of “users” on the mobile network, be they your smart fridge or a robot in an automated factory (Nokia expects billions of connections). This will be achieved with “Dynamic Network Slicing” which will allow the carrier to configure its networks for many various use cases and requirements and run them simultaneously on the same equipment.

Then there are high-bandwidth applications like 8K video and VR gaming. For those, the Nokia and Orange joint team are planning “massive MIMO” and new frequency bands to build on the current 4.5G and soon to be deployed 4.9G networks, which already promise gigabit per second peak speeds.

Nokia says there are already 90 customers that have deployed 4.5G and this year 4.5G Pro is coming with “ten times the speed of initial 4G networks” and a clear upgrade path to 4.9G (several gigabits per second and latencies below 10ms) and then on the 5G.

Samsung has its own plans for 5G and is collaborating with T-Mobile (also, last year it ran a trial on China Mobile).



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 05 Feb 2017
  • mgK

Yes, I pay 15€ for 2GB Telekom, and I am jealous

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Feb 2017
  • GAY

i agree with you there my friend

  • 5GHeartFailure
  • 01 Feb 2017
  • kVx

5G will cause heart failure, the frequency is deadly. Do research people.

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