Nokia Asha 202

Nokia Asha 202

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  • also

keypad, 29 Feb 2012is keypad large ok??, hows it for us medium/large fingers.Hope its better than Asha300 feel plasticky, still why no 3G :(((

  • keypad

is keypad large ok??, hows it for us medium/large fingers.

  • adam8888d

once again another dual sim nokia phone with no flash light and no doubt the the text will be too small to read . i find people who buy classic phones are those who are older and don't like change. not taking into consideration of deterioration of eye sight .

  • Mo

Nice phone ! i saw its picture.. its easy to insert sim card without removing battery. I hope that its dual sim and dual standby too and its great if it can support multi-lingual like Nokia 101. Thank you to Nokia very much for releasing this dual sim handset.

  • S.u.kayes

Nokia asha 202 is so fastar in i like most it

  • walleve

just imagine, a phone without navigation button(physical), really sucks. nokia should have included that navigation button. that's a necessity

  • Neo

Nokia Company Plz Launch This Mobile As Soon As Possible..........Urgently Launch This Modal plzzzzzzz

  • sandhu

gud mobile but not torch light

  • blue214

Cellphones are like people, they're different from each other. Don't try to compare one from another if your purpose of comparing is just to criticize. One cellphone is distinct and unique from the other. They are made to accommodate all sorts of people depending on their status in the society. Cellphones for the poor and cellphones for those in the higher level.

  • pbanik

AnonD-1312, 27 Feb 2012why do you need a trackpad if its a touchscreen?The touch-screen is 2.4 inches, and resistive (and no capacitive) : that means too small screen for touch with any normal-sized finger, and insensitive touch-screen ( resistive screen means - the screen is not very responsive to touch with any normal finger, and a stylus is needed to press the screen everytime). So when a person is far away from his/her home, he/she can able to use alpha-numeric keypad with ease. And obviously a D-pad or optical trackpad is required to assist the alpha-numeric keypad.

  • AnonD-1312

[deleted post]why do you need a trackpad if its a touchscreen?

  • Gopal joshi

It's very nice phone...
Nice look...dual sum...i want purchase this phone...i think it's prize around 4000 to 45000...

  • Pratik

nokia asha 202 missing flsh and tochscreen not so great

  • AnonD-44044

ones again resistive touchscreen without navigation button gonna kill the phone........