Nokia Asha 210

Nokia Asha 210

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  • AnonD-157986

Does it supports wechat app??

  • AnonD-138817

Got USB charge?
If not this suks big time.

Samsung Dual Sim Qwerty with USB charge and WiFi. Way better than Nokia.

Samsung Ch@t357 Duos with Dual SIM

  • Anonymous

AnonD-153927, 22 Jun 2013what is the meaning of "Optional Dual SIM", is it &quo... moreOptional dual sim : for example = we can set Sim one for calling, text message, multimedia msg and mobile data and Sim two for receiving call only . In short we can set what we want ( it depends on you).

  • AnonD-153927

what is the meaning of "Optional Dual SIM", is it "Dual SIM Standby" mood?

  • Anonymous

does it supports whatsup application?

  • Akasx

Coming 25th June....all store in India.


am waiting for long two days ..... still the price is not decreasing ... i have not a single penny with me i hate you... i hate you nokia... :(

  • cherry

i am waiting for that

  • AnonD-34132

luckily..Nokia Malaysia has announced that Nokia 210 and Nokia 501 will available at the end of June/early July..TQ

  • lalu

woowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its an awsome phone is very easy to us ,good look,i have a samsung note2..more than , i like to use itma girl fnd like it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi love it

  • AnonD-89026

Can it play AAC,AAC+ or M4A formats? Please anyone of you who owns this mobile test it for me. It shows only mp3 as supported audio format on nokia site.

  • Anonymous

i want this phone to come to Nigeria

  • Sivaramamoorthy

I am waiting for this Mobile - NOKIA 210

  • peter

What the f** is wrong with NOKIA?

This phone has been announced FOUR months ago and STILL I can't buy it!!!

I hate you Nokia.

  • Anonymous

I do not like typing on touch screen phones a lot.
It feels easier to type with a physcial keyboard.
The only options right now are BBQ10, BBQ5 and the Asha 210.
I'll go for Asha coz it has more sensible price. Hope other companies still continue to produce QWERTY phones.

  • Akasx

I have been using X2-01 ....its been 805* days still its working good but keypad colors gone.I am thinking to get Asha 210 (Here's new things dat i got wifi and dual sim).As you know you can listen audio and video from YouTube even closing media dats most i like.Still i have question that does it have Nokia Music?

  • AnonD-34132

mariobro, 19 Jun 2013it is already displayed in nokia stores.but not yet officially r... moreobviously...because it is cheaper than Nokia 301, but on the positive side..Asha 210 have WiFi.. =)

  • AnonD-16515

mariobro, 19 Jun 2013it is already displayed in nokia stores.but not yet officially r... moreis it released in ur country

  • Steve..

In select markets like India, this special key will be replaced with a button featuring the WhatsApp logo instead of facebook, becoz in america compared to india they usally guys are addicted to fb but in India we hav huge sms costs so it would be better for whatsapp instead of fb for quick access to the free messaging service.
- Steve..

  • mariobro

it is already displayed in nokia stores.but not yet officially released..i have been waiting for almost 2 months on phone. i thought it is the perfect phone for me but when i saw the display i felt a little disappointed on its looks looks bigger..its not easy to type on the keypad..but im still waiting for it to be released and i will just compare it to the nokia 301. then i will decide..i like this phone because it has wifi compare to 301