Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • kumar

madcap, 04 Apr 2014Hey I am looking to buy a qwerty phone. I am currently using Son... moreYess nokia 302 offtn switched off at low battery ...can any one how 2 get rid of the problm.....a lost all my contct twice on the process of onn nd off.....

  • mohammad asfour

srinu, 25 Aug 2013Hi every one..!! I have Nokia Asha 302 mobile.its showing E symb... morego to menu settings then phone then network mode chose 3g then from menu again to settings connectivity then packet data then turn it off ( disable)

  • AnonD-9198

For all those who are facing Mobile Data is on every time is mainly because of WhatsApp Messenger it runs automatically doesn't matter you closed it. I got rid of it by doing these steps! Go to the folder where you have WhatsApp copy it find a folder and select Copy to this folder when copying is in process press the RED/Cancel button and its done, WhatsApp will be open whenever you want it to.

  • Naya

Unikman, 18 Jan 2014Plz mine is browsing but can't download apps like whatsapp, 2go ... moreU need to go on the nokia store and download it

  • Anonymous

how to turn off mobile data on nokia asha 302

  • Mark

Excellent QWERTY. Nokia platform restricts to download alot of apps.

  • vb

how to turn off the internet on this phone

  • AnonD-88208

pakistanidramas9, 30 Mar 2014internet problamupdate it to will give u brightness control feature (saves a lot of battery),
and internet problem has a quick fix:
just to to settings>configuration>personal settings>add new "web"....then go back OPEN "default config settings" and select "personal config"...go back again and select "default in all apps" and YES...
opera mini will give the best web experience..
Whatsapp also works but will use data even when u're apps like "we chat" are a better option../
internet works smooth and fast..
live video streaming mostly doesn't work with wifi, will work with GPRS..
preferred sites for simple video streaming are:,
doesn't support skype and viber..

  • fauz..

I want pink coz I like it

it can download using a load

  • raju

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2014May I know wether it supports 16 gb 2.0 pendrive...what's is the game available of the this mobile Nokia 302

  • Rashidee

mh, 13 Apr 2014can we download skype? Its can easy and simple nice

  • mh

can we download skype?

  • Anonymous

May I know wether it supports 16 gb 2.0 pendrive...

  • slo Mo

my one year use of this phone is great. Battery is very good can stand for four days or even a week when not in use and only if you reduce the sreen brightness. Everything on this phone works great

  • onz

ancie, 22 Mar 2014please help. on my whats up i do get a message that reads versi... morejust delete the app and download again

  • Baby cute

I have been using this phone since February I havnt experience anything wrong about it I just love my phone so much

  • kirit

gave trouble within one month it shuts it self when cruser used for 20 min within one year twice had to repair it recomend do not buy

  • AnonD-251339

Can the 302 be set up as a wi fi hotspot so I can connect my pc to the Internet?

  • Anonymous

Ever since the day I bought this phone. I have replaced the sim card 3 times. The phone is apparently 3G however I have no signal on it and no Internet. This phone has been a waste of my time and money. Is there any way that I can get the signal working?

  • madcap

Hey I am looking to buy a qwerty phone. I am currently using Sony Neo. But its growing old and heating up. I wonder if Nokia Asha 302 is a good buy? I don't play games at all. I only use whatsapp and browse the net.

Does the Asha 302 heat up often or turn itself off?