Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • AnonD-46920

@ imran ayub
No sir, this phone is not dual sim ...
And for the others comparing with Asha 201, this phone is much better in regard to price difference: much faster processor (actually Asha 200/201 is awfully slow), 3G, WLAN, much larger user storage & ROM & RAM, better camera and even better design and build quality ...

  • imran ayub

AnonD-45867, 16 Mar 2012Hi bsp, Asha 302 is not a dual sim phone.dear this is dul sim phone set.

  • ericetanna

I have this phone. Very good, but no multitask. Opera Mini 6.5 run great and the system is very quick in all tasks, only in the photos view in the SD cardů Very great sound from loudspeaker and jack output. The Construction is not so solid as the Nokia E5 or E72. But a good phone for all use.

  • shah

Is this mobile is upgradeable? means can we update/reinstall its software from Nokia Software Updater.

  • Anonymous

I prefer to buy nokia 201 bcuz no.need of 3g and expensive also and above all not a smartphone. Betfer to buy nokia e5

  • gelly

i so love this phone.. it caters my need for communication and social networks..

  • Technology

This is a great phone of nokia in simple.

  • Flover

AnonD-34132, 29 Feb 2012is it touchscreen? resistive or capacitive?No it is'nt a touchscreen phone

  • Umo

Outstanding set.....i'v buy this....hv good experience...with new software...enjoyable....!!

  • AnonD-45867

bsp, 16 Mar 2012is asha 302 is dual sim mobile....pls frns inform....Hi bsp, Asha 302 is not a dual sim phone.

  • bea

hows camera?? better than asha 303?? plz tell me..

  • Anonymous

erk, 16 Mar 2012I still waiting at IndonesiaKeep waiting ¡¡

  • bsp

is asha 302 is dual sim mobile....pls frns inform....

  • AnonD-13210

Not a very perfect device or multi tasking is ........... !!!!!!!!!!

  • erk

I still waiting at Indonesia

  • Faizan

Yes it has screen protector. Dust will not get inside the screen.
Yes this cell phone has conversation SMS view, or threaded SMS view.

  • Bill

Does it support threaded SMS view?

  • AnonD-45867

Does the screen prone to dust particles? I mean, if dust will get inside the phone screen..

And another thing, to all who bought this phone already, does this already have a screen protector on it?

Thanks for anyone who will answer this.. :)

  • Faizan

This cell phone is available in the market. Its metallic body will not peel off. We can't do multi task at a time, for example we can't use Opera mini with Facebook Chat. This cell phone is far more better compare to ASHA 200, related to performance and price. This cell phone is fantastic and i give 9/10 to it.

  • Anonymous

i should've bought this