Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • ajeet

dude it's Not a touchscreen...

  • kim

Great improvement on low end smart fones. Thanks to qwerty, speed & internal memory

  • Dod

i pity Nokia.. why this phone only has 128 MB ram, but it has 1 Ghz processor. I think this phone may be better if it has bigger capacity RAM, even though it may only have 800 Ghz.

  • AnonD-44177

[deleted post]In reply to pbanik:
Google did not include Nokia and Microsoft in their Android project. Most probably you do not know this. So do not think of Nokia launching an Android phone.

  • basuindranil19

[deleted post]Google did not include Nokia and Microsoft for their Android project. Most probably you do not know this. So do not think of Nokia launching an Android phone.

  • rnr

ist its the c-series bad display bad casing its the asha series w bad reviews...

  • John Anock

ye Nokia, what ever feature u may have under JAVA is not valued so much now. So pricing is most important to sell yourself.Be reasonable...

  • AnonD-31586

Its just the same C3 with a different name (yeah and some tiny differences like the camera not 2mpx but 3 -.-) . What the fuck is happening with Nokia?

  • fun9

ehm.... Look great n nice, affordable. Nokia always great in d low end segment, hopefully they are getting better n better in d mid range n high end, especially the smartphones range. Goodluck nokia.

  • Anonymous

WoW .. 95EUR and you get Exchange and VoIP .. NICE!

  • vineeth

guys...this isn't touch and type as specified in the nokia website. its just "type"...qwerty.... check out the video. also there is no lock key in the side usually found on touch screen phones.

  • R.Amin

I wish Asha302 will less than Asha303 price

  • Pratham

These guys can install 1gig processor in low end fone but cant give E series a good processor....

  • waqas

No nokia you must lunch with any OS platform 1GHz and no OS its not very best just upgrade nokia 201 and include wifi

  • iamvivek

nice ph.but only 1thing i want 2 it mu5ti multitask?

  • M

Is not touchscreen!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

this is just nokia C3 redux. same measurement, same design but with few added feature.

  • Anonymous

SachBro, 21 Feb 2012Cmon guys. Be reasonable. This seems to be one of the bette... more
it has 100mb of internal memory

check this link

  • mumbaitalker

Seems to be an upgraded version of the C3- the first genuine one from Nokia.

  • rojaRAJU

looks like E6... specs like asha 200.. but with 3.2 MP cam, 3G and single SIM... will fare if price is put around 5k INR in fb2k12.. else there are more cheap androids and touchs around the same price tag...