Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • Anonymous

opera store is on cyrilic script, WTF?!?

  • AnonD-697715

how to connect in the internet in this phone, globe user here, (philippines)

  • Anonymous

you can't use nokia store anymore. because it has been shut down by Microsoft and chage it to opera mobile store.

  • Diludas

Simple clear internet

  • Anonymous

Aswen , 07 May 2017I cant use Nokia shows errorNo more Nokia stote, replaced With opera store.

  • Aswen

I cant use Nokia shows error

  • Tahsan

Aswen , 17 Apr 2017U can see on youtube..What i c?

  • Aswen

Angel, 01 Feb 2017Good day I have a Nokia Asha 302. He don't want to go in... moreU can see on youtube..

  • Aswen

Its awesome.i can use internet through wifi and still supports Whatsapp...

  • Anonymous

Anonim Man, 02 Apr 2017This is the best!!!!!!!! I have tnis phone!!!!I agree :)

  • Anonim Man

This is the best!!!!!!!!
I have tnis phone!!!!

  • Anonymous

What's Up, 10 Nov 2015Does it have whatsapp? Yes

  • Anonymous

Nokia fans, 12 Aug 2016Hi guys whatsapp just announced that their application (wha... moreNow they say june 2017. I bought brand new one for AU$70 and everything works great.Facebook messenger as well. Very fast on 3G network.Awesome Nokia phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2016how many simOnly one sim

  • Angel

Good day

I have a Nokia Asha 302. He don't want to go into wifi. Help me please

  • Nokia fans

Downloading very fast, just put it on 3G network or dual mode and enjoy fast downloading.

  • rooir

nokia asha 302 the best phone. have it since 2012 and still working as new. whatsapp also still working.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2016how many simone

  • grumpy

Have used my Nokia Asha 302 for about 2yrs with no problems.accidently dropped a few times with no ill the simplicity of operation,the buttons,ease of all operations and compactness..With new Sony Xperia-nothing but hassels.Touch screen a nightmare for a senior citizen.Maybe I should be more patient and practice using new phone.Big bugbear for me is buying a new model phone and left to your own devices to figure it all out on your own.
Thank you.Kind regards,Grumpy.

  • Anonymous

how many sim