Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • pieris

I have it for 18 months and i am very happy with battery power but, the last few days switch off its self!

  • Y-E-T-I

does have equilazer on MP3 player?please,answer me,urgent.thanks.

  • luthoz

younusbuttfamily@yah, 19 Nov 2013My nokia 302 has a problem as internet key on the front does not... moremy has a problem with internet when i install whatsapp it says am already installed it but ican't see it

  • reux

The nokia asha 302 is good but has the worst battery performance ever. nokia needs to work seriously on this.

  • younusbuttfamily@yah

My nokia 302 has a problem as internet key on the front does not work, as soon as I press it

  • Murtaza Pakistan

anu, 13 Nov 2013hey guye i want to buy nokia asha ....plz any 1 tel me does it ... moreOf course you can send mail with ease..... I'm using this mobile since last year... NO issues ever...... Thanks
For any Quary.... Contact please

  • Abdul990

this phone has a good battery backup.

  • mrgeraldo

How to logout ID line messenger from this phone?

  • Anonymous

pearldias, 15 Nov 2013does it support line app? Can anyone tel me plzzzzzYes it support line app

  • pearldias

does it support line app? Can anyone tel me plzzzzz


this phone realy has quality sound well done nokia

  • Hester

i wnt to knoe were is the loud sperker on the foon please

  • Anonymous

mabel, 14 Sep 2013it is possible to download skype in this unit?thank youi need skype in nokia asha 302 is it possable??if yes so plzzz tel me how can do plzzzzzz

  • anu

hey guye i want to buy nokia asha ....plz any 1 tel me does it have good mailng features ,,,,,, u cn chk nd send mai properil ?????? rply thanku ...

  • Zee

Hi Guys,

So I have my Nokia Asha 302 which I love except for one thing - I want to personalize the "home screen" view so that Whatsapp and Wechat are both easily accessible but for some reason I can't do this... Help!!

  • Anonymous

pls my phone came with the v15.09, t i then flashed it with v15.15 and now my phone keypad is scatterd can someone help me?? what do i do to re arrange it?

  • AnonD-165949

my phone cannot connect to internet .. it says connection not available. even the signal bar of wlan is visible still cannot connect .. !!! wew

  • Anonymous

navin, 30 Oct 2013yes it supports whatsappDoes it support skype?

  • Anonymous

mo, 01 Nov 2013I undated my Nokia 302 twice and now It is showing me conflicti... moreconflicting applcation prob can be solved by updating your phone software.this can be done by connecting your phone to computer and use nokia pcsuite

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2013Hi friends! pls why can't i download large video that is upto 35... moreyou can download even larger size ....if you use 3g sim..then it will download soon