Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • javen geff

i got also this phone a year ago..i notice..a week after i bought it the keys on right side of the phone is loose..and the silver coating of navigation keys are peeling...but its a good phone though...

  • Yuan

i really love this phone specially the sounds, the clarity of the musics if its on the high volume. the games specially when i install lots of games it doesnt hang.. the texting is fast the internet connection whenever im using the wifi.. its fast.. and the camera and the video.. damnn.. i love it i never experience taking a video that i can also zoom it why recording. and the battery last up to 1 to 2 days if your just texting it last for two days.. thats what i notice.. only texting ok.

thanks nokia..
you made a great phone.

  • realmanlun

Guys help me,
when ever i play misic or video,it appears blank,and no music or video was played,even the sound.
Is there anybody who could help me thru this????plizzzzz

  • laiba

redsun, 17 Feb 2013is nokia asha 302 a dual sim enabled phonebettery timing low

  • BEN10

Dykie, 21 Feb 2013Very happy with my phone, although the battery doesn't last more... moreHave you ever tryed to update your phone software. Updating your phone software will improve performence. And saves lot of batter power

  • AnonD-116261

i am using nokia 302 since a week. First I installed the updated version of whatsapp, then connected to wifi. To my surprise, the battery was half after 12 hours. I was disappointed. I came here to hear what people say. From the suggestions I read here, was "turn-off wifi, if you don't need it and remove whatsapp". I turned off wifi, but kept the GPRS-EDGE mobile internet line. It didn't affect much the battery. Now with mobile line + whatsapp + some surfing it lasts for 48 hours and then comes to half 50% battery, but actually maybe a bit less. So my recommendation, if you use with wifi, it will not differ from androids, or very little.
If you don't use whatsapp, with only mobile internet (facebook, twitter) it will last 3 days to come to half-life. Enjoy and you decide.
The phone's built-quality is very good.
The camera is good, very satisfying.
The screen is bright and good, fonts are easily read.
The colors are natural.
The sound of music is great.
Thank you.

  • vasu

can i purchase this mobile is k for battery backup.

  • Anonymous

Royal Priest, 21 Feb 2013Hello Friends, I have read the comments concerning Asha 302. ... moreHi
Well, I have Asha 302 since June and use it quite extensively and everything looks fine, no color is peeling off anywhere...

  • Dykie

Very happy with my phone, although the battery doesn't last more than a day, however, this is only since I added Watsap and Facebook. Have also noticed now that my credit is going very fast, can anyone give any advice please? I would like to remove facebook from the phone, can anyone tell me how to do this.

  • papa

how to stop the java program from running?

  • Royal Priest

Hello Friends,

I have read the comments concerning Asha 302.

However, I need to know if the silver coating surrounding the mobile and the ones on the keys peel off after some months of use?

Kindly advise me on the pros and cons as I like the specification of the phone.

Thank you.

  • kel

why cannot go to massages if i use my wifi? it can go to massage or not??

  • harshan

sach, 15 Feb 2013i liked phone but some body plzz tell me how to use opera mini in itregister in nokia store and download opera mini

  • fun

to play d music in a folder u will need a third party application for dat. May be some tin lyk 'ttpod'. And as for d battery getting easily sapped-out;dat is as a result of d whatsapp application in d phone. D application is always online n constantly demanding to stay connected online so long dea is credit in ur phone. U cld manage power consumptn for dz by changing ur network mode from hsdpa or 3g to gsm mode unda settings. I hope nokia provides an update to solve dz problems soon.xpecially here in nigeria odawise i will drop dea brand for good. D phone do get uncomfortably hot most times wen am browsin. Dz is not nice. Nokia if u can hea me do sometin quick for dos of us in nigeria odawise,u will loose anoda customer for good!

  • nob

The steel thing that surround the upper portion of this mobile is a bit loose from the time i bought this mobile.

  • sankar

how can i play mp3 songs continuously from any folder instead of playlists, am able to play only one song, automatically its not going to next mp3 if am playing any mp3 from folders

  • AL

Raj, 14 Feb 2013I would like to buy this phone in the next month, but I want to ... moreNo, Opera Mini is not preloaded. But it takes few seconds to download and run it. I use both Opera and UC browser. Have been using Asha 302 for 7 months now. Very happy with it, excellent phone.

  • yo

nice and simple

  • Odie

nokia 302 is a pretty phone. but battery is a problem, takes long to get full but quick to get empty. it also gets hot while you're on the net and makes a faint hissing sound.

  • busi

Hi i just bougth asha 302,
im just experiencing a problem with a battery,it doesnt last for a day.
i have to charge it every time i got home.
and it becomes hot at times.