Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • Nokia fans

My phone wifi cannot connect to other phone wifi.

  • Anonymous

John, 22 Jun 2015Why when i try to play youtube videos they always say sorry,this... moredo you trying play yt over opera mini? Opera mini is great browser but sometimes has problems with yt.

  • Abdulski

John, 22 Jun 2015Why when i try to play youtube videos they always say sorry,this... moresign out from your android device, you will be able to stream. Don't use same gmail account with your with this phone.

  • sue


When I take a photo with my cell phone Nokia 302, after I take the Picture it says: the Picture is
saved. The funny thing is: Nobody can find were the
pictures are. I had at list 50 people trying, and still
nobody can find it. Is the phone defective?

  • John

Why when i try to play youtube videos they always say sorry,this is not supported

  • Nabin

The apps dealing with internet are asked to Upgrade .... But there come problem on using that app after upgrade .

  • suo

Hello, do you know if shazam is available on this phone? Thanks!

  • Nokia fans

Very nice phone,with 3G,Dual Mode and GSM Network and it play youtube compare with that of andriod. I love this phone base on the fixture that come along with it. Keep it up nokia your product is the best. I love Nokia phone.

  • sinisa

Can viber the Nokia Asha 302, on the way, thanks a lot

  • ajac

sara, 06 May 2015can i off my data connectionno, u cant disconnect ur pocket data ...

  • nuraahiq

kim, 31 May 2015my problem in this phone is when i search for latest software up... moreYa I also

  • nurashiq

Kaarthik, 02 Jun 2015How can i block a number in my contact list using this model. ... moreNo

  • Kaarthik

How can i block a number in my contact list using this model.

is there any facility to blacklist a number or directly can i block a number from getting calls, sms etc...

  • Anonymous

good camera

  • kim

my problem in this phone is when i search for latest software update .. still no software available here in philippines .. junk nokia suite !

  • Anonymous

Prateek, 22 Jan 2015Nope It don't support OTG cable when you connect it than pop com... moreMaybe you have a damaged cable. I usually saved data and transfer music files from my 32gb usb drive to my asha 302 thru otg.

  • Fr.NokiaXL to N302

Evertyhing in 302 are good and best. Good battery back up, good qwerty keypad. Good display. Good body built. Easy to use. Best browsing experience when using opera mini compatible to your sim, like google, bing, facebook, twitter, etc. Customizable themes, ringtones from zedge. Best music equalizer from nokia, even without headset. I have one since 2012 from postpaid plan.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 May 2015i have problum vith internet.saporting operamini only.olweys ask... moreUninstall your opera mini and download a new one from opera store (former nokia store) using your current sim.

  • Anonymous

please the phone(302) is no longer on sale in PortHarcourt how do i get it?

  • 6700

From my Galaxy S5 to this lower rank flagship there is a further vision for this OS but recently no longer in power of a new age, Nokia 302 provides twice as much with a quite smart running ability like of a new age athlete, I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 now for computer-droid-power with a new Lollipop 5.0 for great experience. Getting on a big hardware, chip, screen, software for a big meal is my satisfaction but for little snack I use Nokia 302 to fill my stomach with some popcorn for longer meal because of its durability and a backup device for little use of money, as I have said a snack. Galaxy S5 nailed its brothers in their old prime so called Lumia, Symbian or S40-Asha platform? Why is it that makes Nokia 302 a best friend of my Samsung Galaxy S5? Because of its simplicity and durability to offer a little help by keeping the SIM active for calls and chat alerts right? Yes, WhatsApp or any media? No! Just to keep me off charging the battery in a doubt that someone might connect radio waves, but Galaxy never needs help from any but simplicity is needed to help big guns after the bullets ran out for making wounds. Don't hate Nokia 302 just use it for other options like Music? Or Social? Or Lower data cost that makes it better to save money for internet services than to play hard cash for your Galaxy. Not all flagships are worth to trust when there is no simple heart beat from those knowing a budget. After all ahmm well.. Samsung Galaxy Star S5280 needs more help from this Nokia device but their internals almost matched at every reasonable points, who is the boss between Star or Asha? Well it depends, but for me I would choose Nokia Asha 302 for hardware... Hey Android is power? Series 40 is never loose after all.