Nokia Asha 302

Nokia Asha 302

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  • jhazical

after updating to 14.92 firmware, my custom flash themes became black in homescreen

  • GayaD

such a stunning gadget,. Mine is just soo superb wat a great technology by Nokia, thumbs up continue wit th goodwork.

  • ranjit singh

i purchased this phone one month month back but battery backup is very poor.without use battery going discharge & so many times connection is very poor

  • av

Does dis phone supports viber callng app

  • abeytown

Remedy, 07 Jan 2013Guy pls how did u get it cos i've been tryin 2 upgrade it since ... moreI m in Nigeria and my ASha 302 came with version 14.78 but 3 day ago i was able to update it to !4.92. infact, i was able to stream youtube with airtelng sim but mtn kept saying No response. What is wrong. is the phone selecting sim?

  • akram baba

Jowdy, 22 Dec 2012I want 2 buy dis phone xo i need ur advice about dis is basic java phone no android,no mobile office viewer,no flash camera awsome

  • Arpit

sonic, 08 Jan version 14.92 available.....because my current versio... more­-asha-302/
u can check latest update from here thanks

  • Anonymous

Milman, 07 Jan 2013Is NokiaAsha 302 a 3G mobile phone?yes

  • sonic version 14.92 available.....because
my current version is 14.78 and i am trying
to update it through the device and it says
there is no new software update available.
Plzz help

  • Milman

Is NokiaAsha 302 a 3G mobile phone?

  • yugoh

your battery's life-span is shorter than your prescription please check it.

  • ianna

wumi, 07 Jan 2013my battery dnt last me for a day, cud it be because of its functions?battery will last longer if you choose to be on 2G if you will justmake a call or text. but use 3G if you will use mobile data

  • airaf

shanu, 07 Jan 2013i am from mumbai and use loop mobile service but i cannot access... moreuse vodafone it will work

  • AnonD-97779

If you are as disapointed in smartphones as I am then this is the phone for you. A function phone with WhatsApp, perfect!

  • AnonD-97775

i am from mumbai n using loop mobile service i cannot use new version of whatsapp and when i enquired about this to swrvice provider he told me to use old version of whatsapp but its still not working so basically i am not ab;e to use whatsapp guyz plz rply asap

  • shanu

i am from mumbai and use loop mobile service but i cannot access to whatsapp service provider tells me that it does not suppoert new whatsapp application and told me to use older version but still it didnt work guys plz help me out what to do ASAP

  • charlie

i bought this mobile for new year and satisfied with battery backup (3days) with daily chatting of 200 messages + 20 calls with v14.53.

it is a good phone by Nokia.

  • Remedy

abeytown, 06 Jan 2013I upgraded my asha302 to version 14. today in nigeria. hence che... moreGuy pls how did u get it cos i've been tryin 2 upgrade it since a very long time bt all is in vain, so pls elucidate me. Thankz

  • thulani manzi

ay understand some users hev problemz wit da handset,me hev no problems does far.

  • girish

worst fon battery ever seen