Nokia Asha 303

Nokia Asha 303

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  • xyz

Alexis, 22 Feb 2012I got this phone a week ago and it serves me well. The 1Ghz RAM ... moreis diz mobl availabl in India?

  • sac

Hi to everyone, I would like to ask you if anyone can test a true .Flac music file in your 303 phone. I know that its specifications doesn't include this format, but some phones can play music formats despite their general specifications. This phone fits to most of my needs and I'm want to buy it, but it would be better if I don't have to convert my Pc flac songs to another format. Thank you very much.

  • HBK

lEJIN, 29 Feb 2012thanks a Lot bro. =) still i do have some questions :( how... moreHi there,

About your question, you cannot view streaming videos in such as youtube via opera mini, if you want you can go to however you just need to download it first before you can view or watch it on your player.

About the unli surfing on the internet, from what country are you? To be honest I am working as an I.T. Supervisor in one of well known telecom company here in my country. I was able to get the right APN and URL set up and configuration to be able to surf the net unlimitedly via opera mini. Usually opera mini as a browser have a data charges. But when you have the right APN on your country, you will able to get it for free.

  • fahad

nice style with nice personality but display screen font display not good touch tie but no scroll its difficult use from bike riders camrea dispaly is very good 3.2 mega pixel but during use in day and sun light resuklt veru bad mark obtian is 0 over all set is good as compare to price

  • lEJIN

HBK, 28 Feb 2012I am using Opera mini too, However, Opera mini cannot play strea... morethanks a Lot bro. =)

still i do have some questions :(

how can i download youtube videos?through opera mini?

uhm can you teach me how to make my internet surfing unli?

thanks really.

  • HBK

hanz, 26 Feb 2012guys, can anyone of you help how to stop/de-activate automatic k... moreGO to Setting> DeVICE> > Security Keyguard> OFF
(You have to enter Security Code to turn ON and OFF )

Hope it will help


  • Anonymous

how can i delete whatsapp chat history from mu nokia 303

  • Anonymous

I like dis phone can i minimise application on dis phone,if yes how can i do it pls.

  • fariAnsari

how is its camera? is it upto 3.2MP really?

  • cadz

have this last Friday, and this really rocks!
love the features,rank it from 1 to 10, and its 9, I hope Nokia installed a flash on this, but hey, camera is good!

  • HBK

Lejin, 27 Feb 2012Q: 1)i already have opera mini, but still you tube videos no... moreI am using Opera mini too, However, Opera mini cannot play streaming video, You just need to download it and view it via 3gp file.

You cannot have privacy on this phone unlike other nokia device, Even you created your own album separately, you can still view the hidden photo in albums and in timeline, that is the annoying part of this phone, And I noticed that there are so many glitches too, however, I still love this phone, Because of its speed and I was able to have a free unlimited internet access if you have the right APN, IP address and configuration.

HBK ^_^

  • nokiaboi

Good phone. Very very very fast to play video on Youtube. Good quality sound however the picture is blurred in its 3.2 MP camera.

  • AnonD-43718

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2012i am torn between asha303 and c6-01 , i'm not sure which one to ... moreif u have monet then try, the Nokia E6......touch and update to Nokia Bele(Android)

  • Kunle

Sweet phone, worth more than the money!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-34132, 27 Feb 2012hmm...i see...then, Asha 303?? too bad ot just ok?
capacitive touchscreen is marvellous to use but the display quality is just about ok

  • AnonD-34132

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2012 X3-02- uses 262k colors but less display quality E5 uses 256k... morehmm...i see...then, Asha 303?? too bad ot just ok?

  • NNN

Lejin, 27 Feb 2012Q: 1)i already have opera mini, but still you tube videos no... moreYoutube vidoes dont work on wifi, thats is your problem.

  • Asim

as every phone nowadays is being smart, people at Nokia are also being more smarter than before, they 're putting hard efforts not on the customers satisfaction but on how to minimize the cast of production and making phones just a show piece even they don't perform well but they should look well.
let's for example, low range nokia phones have only single speaker as a ringer and earpiece, I mean what is this? how can you listen the voice of caller from speaker which is at back of the phone? and this creates the voice leakage problem too.
2nd example in mid range phones form nokia: They show better specs but mostly all phones have very poor viewing angle, (Let's compare C5 with 6233 and you will see the difference) it's the result of using cheapest LCDs just to avoid productions cast and make people fool by showing good specs even they don't worth it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2012 X3-02- uses 262k colors but less display quality E5 uses 256k... moreI'm so confused, why almost all mid-range latest models from Nokia have bad viewing angle. can someone explain it?

  • Anonymous

Hello every one;
I'vejust bought a nokia asha 300 but have a problem with chat. Whenever i click on chat icone an update message appear when accept updating ( i don't have other choices accepting update or get out )i receive an error message service in unavailable try again!!!
Can any one help me with this problem

Thank you