Nokia Asha 305

Nokia Asha 305

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  • Arsov 36

Does this phone support Music Player?

  • Roshan

Mani, 30 Mar 2013Asha305 is a waste mobile for this price it hangs many time... moreNeed updates

  • Arsov 36

AnonD-741861, 03 Mar 2018But my phone has suport youtubeYouTube.

  • Ridhoni

thats adi, 07 Jul 2013my phone Switched off during s0ftware update h w can i fix itV 05 92

  • Dobre

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2017Throw it in the trashWait. What?

  • Man

youngdon, 06 May 2013asha 305 now supports whatsappSend me link ji

  • AnonD-741861

But my phone has suport youtube

  • Anonymous

rich nelson, 06 Apr 2016Pls how can I fastforward video on asha 305Throw it in the trash

  • Nerence

Alix , 26 Jun 2017I cant watch video on youtube,i cant upload pix on fbI cant watch videos on utube

  • Alix

I cant watch video on youtube,i cant upload pix on fb

  • Mose

My phone can't sent photos on whatsapp what might be wrong

  • Anonymous

Kaberi debnath..[ fr, 24 Dec 2015I love this phone...Chachipora

  • Fahim

I can't play youtube video.why?

  • Shero nagra

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2016it is nice but we cannot download any gamesNo bro insert java games on google and select
so u download any game from it

  • Anonymous

nokia asha 305 is cool can run any java games & apps. specially this phone support whatsapp.

  • Anonymous

it is nice but we cannot download any games

  • amit

it is a very bad phone we cannot download any game

  • Tooba shaikh

why delete whatsapp after 31 december? in nokia 305 or 500

  • Ashok

Anonymous, 31 May 2016In nokia 305 some aaps like Facebook twitter email chats e... moreHow much your phone

  • Mehrab

It is the not a good phone every thing is nonsense is this phone