Nokia Asha 306

Nokia Asha 306

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  • Anonymous
  • I@H
  • 29 Jul 2020

Help me how to browse on my nokia asha my phone lost everything fb browse dont knw how to fix it

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    • Patrick
    • idI
    • 02 May 2020

    I bought this phone in early 2013 and it's price ranged between $90 - $100.I though it was cool, but it's a bit laggy. The refresh rate is slow.

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      • a4avinash
      • DkR
      • 01 Feb 2020

      Although, the touch in this phone is not really good as other users claim, I'm still using this phone for Music and FM playback. I must admit, the battery backup in this phone is really great. I have used this phone for a period of 3 years as my primary device from 2013-2016. This phone has a great built quality and has sustained great endurance. I have cherished great memories of this phone. I bought is phone at a retail outlet, back then it costed me INR 3,600 around 50 USD which is a sweet spot. I'm certain to retain this phone for years to come.

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        • ray
        • rsC
        • 02 Jul 2018

        Anonymous, 12 Jan 2015create a backup for your data(contacts,setting,message,apps... morethanks

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          • fabio ramirez
          • CAS
          • 08 Apr 2017

          Benjamin okorokwo, 10 Mar 2017Please can you help me for my nokia 3o6 i have screen prob... moreJust buy another phone, there many great smart phones out there that are more cooler than this one instead of changing the screen everyday.

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            • Benjamin okorokwo
            • r3H
            • 10 Mar 2017

            Please can you help me for my nokia 3o6 i have screen proble, any time buy new screem put. Before one month ,the screem will turn to black, who tell me what i should do

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              • Anonymous
              • t7X
              • 06 Mar 2017

              I want to know how to update my n0kia306 til n0w i cant download for 0s or carrier how to suport this?

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                • Dutchguy
                • rv1
                • 23 Jan 2017

                Hi, after reading all opinions I totally agree to it, but mostly what worries me is that it has so little memory. Whats App works, but it always says, memory full, and there is nothing more that I can delete. I delete all sms's, photo's, and what's app messages, there is no email but it dont receive or send what's App messages, it just keep on saying memory full. does it really have only 32 mega bites internal memory? that is nothing! I am very sorry that we bought this phone as we can use it only to phone and receive calls. I know I should throw it away, but as we cannot afford to buy another one now, it is just using data and airtime for nearly nothing! Nokia should be ashamed that they ever put this phone one the market.

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                  • Andile
                  • rjL
                  • 04 Jan 2017

                  I have a question how wrong about asha 306 internet . Many people having these problem . I think it could better to vodacom to fix this problem so that we can certified

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                    • Pavan.pavan.1000469
                    • YTc
                    • 31 Dec 2016

                    Avi, 18 Oct 2016First of all, I would like to shed light on the fact that t... moreI like it

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                      • Antchu
                      • nmM
                      • 18 Nov 2016

                      lembede, 13 Nov 2016help my phone does not want to download whatssap If you wan't whatsapp in you need to go to whatsapp website and download it from there

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                        • lembede
                        • fjT
                        • 13 Nov 2016

                        help my phone does not want to download whatssap

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                          • Avi
                          • XQ0
                          • 18 Oct 2016

                          First of all, I would like to shed light on the fact that this phone is total garbage. Yeah I know Nokia promises long lasting with good battery backup but wait, the build quality is cheap plastic, camera is worthless will make u try'na attempt suicide. Not kidding at all, the asha 311 did cost like 5,500 rupees and it was the biggest mistake of my life to choose asha over an android phone. Here below are the cons and only cons of the phone:
                          1)In-built apps, factory-provided ringtones, alarm tones and videos consume more than enough of your internal memory to make your phone giddy and can't ever be deleted.
                          P.S.:Although some found a way out to delete them it never worked out for me.
                          2)The phone gets no updates, and quite agreeably, coz its backdated.
                          3)Poor build quality although screen is tough, its qualty degrades with time and I now proudly have a black line flicker across it.
                          4)Cant play videos in formats except 3gp. Well done, Nokia, good thinking there.
                          5)Java is extinct peeps.
                          6)No brightness control, no tethering enabilty, wifi signals are limited to only a certaindiatnce. Connectivity is poor like hell.
                          7)Speakers are not good. Some might argue but chill thats because they haven't heard what true sound sounds like in real.
                          8)Never buy this phone or any asha series will make u wanna burn in a tub of hot olive oil.
                          Okh bye, peace :)

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                            • AnonD-585149
                            • Kg{
                            • 15 Sep 2016

                            the camera is quite good (2mp) but you can't turn the shutter sound off so it's a bit annoying. the battery is also okay ..can last for many hours.. i've been using this phone for about 3 years already.. browsing internet/facebook is fast with WiFi but very slow with data..sometimes you can't connect :( the video recording isnt good either..very low resolution.. and one of the cons of this phone is the phone memory of only 32 mb so i deleted some of it's pre-saved photos, ringtones etc .. but sadly you cant delete some of its apps like whatsapp which is a bit annoying as well. it has a 2gb free memory card but about 1 gb of it is for the "map" so i deleted that 'coz im not using that and to have a bigger space for me.

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                              • User
                              • Fw{
                              • 12 Sep 2016

                              Will WhatsApp still support the Asha 306 from January 2017 onwards ?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 6Pa
                                • 15 Jul 2016

                                Can anyone tell me about camera sound off option of Nokia 306? Where it is?

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                                  • fatyy
                                  • fmk
                                  • 07 Jun 2016

                                  how to connect to internet and downloald whats app and snapchat can anyone answer me

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                                    • London
                                    • fjS
                                    • 05 Jun 2016

                                    I hve nokia asha306 bt it dissapointng me nw while enter to internet it says netwrk nt available,nd also to whtsapp cnt download it olso tell tht could nt connect server n certificate issued nt found cn any1 help me plz

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                                      • fatcat
                                      • ABF
                                      • 20 May 2016

                                      can anyone tell me how to get emails to my nokia asha 306

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • NnB
                                        • 06 May 2016

                                        I have a Nokia Asha 306 please can someone let me know why I have to restore factory settings everyday before I can use whatsapp? It wastes my airtime.