Nokia C1

Nokia C1

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  • Shanaka

Its really bad phone.lost money.6,7 times per day ask to reset factory mode.dont buy this phone.its not support with so many original apps.

  • Ansari jee

I m facing a problem with my lock code i write a correct code but screen never unlock any body give me solution but i think its software problem

  • Singnuolot

Kibidu, 10 Oct 2020Hi .. how to activate for 4g plz let me know how to do Sorry to say Nokia C1 is not 4G but 3G phone and can not convert to 4G.

  • Ad innocent

I wanted to update my phone the phone just cut off and Neva on just only booting not showing anything

  • starz2020

it has got poor network mode , now are days people needs 4G smartphone with a Ram of about 2GB and above

  • Kibidu

Hi .. how to activate for 4g plz let me know how to do

  • Pinkberry

I love this phone Nokia C1. I just got mine. But the picture quality could be improved upon. Thumbs up.

  • Anonymous

the heck? i just realize there is no 4G?? why don't cut the useless camera or something else if nokia want to press for the low cost production. smh.

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2020Unfortunately it's not so good in Stand-by. In. just 8... moreisn't 8 hours count as a long time? because I have moto E3 Power and have 3500 mAh. but drops quickly from 100 to 80 in just 4 hours while standby

Please buy nokia. Nokia needs our donation.
Maybe its camera battery are so cheap but we should pay high price to them

  • Minnie

Bella, 17 Jul 2020I dont recommend this one, its pretty but the network is t... moreDoesn't show filters on ig💔

The camera for Nokia C1 is not good at all

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2020This phone is sturdy, well priced and efficient. However, i... moreMakes sense y'all.
The battery's wack though.

  • Anonymous

Henry white, 18 Jul 2020This phone is cool and the battery runs a long timeUnfortunately it's not so good in Stand-by. In. just 8 hours it shrank from 79% to 70%, even when I had not used it. Other phones of comparable quality fared better. Althou its talk-timd endurance is appreciable, for me the Standby isn't so well.

  • Anonymous

This phone is sturdy, well priced and efficient. However, its Stand-by battery endurance is significantly lower than comparable archrivals.

  • Waldemar

It's good, both in price and quality. In my country iIran its cost is half of Honor 8s, but is comparable in quality. I bought it in Jul. 2020, as a replacement for my 5-year old Huawei Y221 u22. I hope it may serve that long for me.

  • Assefa amaje

Personally, i like this phone. Its price is very nice and i'm enjoying it.

  • Vick

The phone camera is not good

  • FredLosCrabos

Decent phone for the money with a sturdy plastic cover and a Go-Android system leaving plenty free storrage. It was either this or some Itel or Tecno phone with roughly the same specs for the price. I read a lot of comments how slow the phone is and that it is not good for streaming. Reding the specs, I fully agree - it is a 3.5G phone with a quad-core A7 processor in 28nm process, so basically all the technology used in this phone is at least 5 years old. If you want to play GPU-heavy games or stream in HD it is clearly the wrong phone for you. If you want a recent Android version, which can be used for communicators even in 4 years and to upgrade from no-name brands, this is the phone to go with.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2020This phone does not show incoming ccontactThe phone is bad it has glitch in the camera and it has low battery ...its baaf