Nokia C1-00

Nokia C1-00

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  • Nguyen Hoang

I was really suprised when i look at 1100h in standby hour, extremelly long than any phone i ever met. It also have fm radio, color screen and ... dual sim. although sim 2 can't run in standby mode but most of us use sim 2 just to make a call to another person, so it can be acceptable. Very good phone from Nokia.

  • Simplicity Seeker

Dual Sim and with this price. I am sold. I don't need a fancy phone but a phone can call/sms also have a long standby time.:)

  • beat

these nokia dual sim phones will kill chinese market ,,i hate china mobiles, great work nokia

  • Anonymous

Oh this is good as its a dual SIM!


watz diz ?? a joke ??

  • Anonymous

At last dual sim from Nokia.

  • hoang

oh , today we have 3 more C serie phone from Nokia

C1-00 : 30 EUR , Dual sim , S30 OS , No Camera
C1-02 : 35 EUR , , S40 OS , No Camera
C1-01 : 39 EUR , , S40 OS , VGA Camera
C2-00 : 45 EUR , Dual sim , S40 OS , VGA Camera , GPRS

  • Ajinkya

This is a new start for Nokia in developing markets like India where everything is captured by chienese products and cheap dual SIM fake chienese imitations of original branded phones, they are everywhere. Nokia's market share in India has fallen from 63% to 58% during last single quarter because of those cheap dual SIM chienese debranded phones. These two phones, C1 and C2 should bring things to normal.

  • hoang

oh no , just 30 EUR for this one , amazing

  • abutuqa

finally nokia made us adual-sim device it is agreat thing but i hope it is just abiggining of ahigh quality good feachers devices from nokia

  • Anonymous

there is another two

  • Ajinkya

Oh, dual SIM! Should be targeting Indian market. Price I expect around 20 USD or 1000 Rs (yeah only!). Nokia does produce very cheap phones too.

  • anony mouse

awsom!!! release more dual sim phones nokia!!!

  • kevinaux

This could seriously dent the Chinaphone market base in Malaysia with its dual SIM option. I can see good use for it as a basic phone for the road support personals who usually carry two phones, one personal SIM and another for company line. Looks sturdy too.

  • erik b

First dual sim phone from nokia!!!! cool!!!!
Definitely will buy one!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Wow, awesome stand by time!