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  • Lilly
  • f33
  • 23 Dec 2023

I love this phone but I hate how overheated it gets for no reason

To take good quality photos I have to take photos where there's sunlight

Some apps won't function well

And it will freezes for a few seconds then leave the app

It keeps complaining about space even tho I barely have 20 apps

But I still love it because my battery lasts longer and it doesn't get easily damaged by little drops of water

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    • Anonymous
    • Nsy
    • 01 Nov 2023

    To be completely honest with you this is not worth buying, i got this phone as i needed a phone with all the essential day to day apps, nothing hectic. Something that i can use to get by for the meantime. But I don't see the point of this phone existing in the world of today. Its a budget device yes, that means Facebook lite, WhatsApp and all the Android GO edition apps, but it can barely handle these apps. The touch response on this phone is very poor. Imagine wanting to take someone's phone number down and having to wait a good couple of seconds long because the call app does not want to open, ridiculous. There are phones out here that are cheaper that will run marathons around this Nokia. The only upside of it is that it has a 6.5 inch screen.

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      • Anonymous
      • Np7
      • 03 Sep 2023

      Anonymous, 14 Aug 2023Nah i hate Nokia c20 I hate it tooo much I enjoyed but I ha... moreMy Nokia C20 is bad. I can't even play Dude Theft Wars. Keeps crashing all the time and has a small battery. I should have gotten a Huawei y5 2019 smartphone. This phone is trash 😠

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        • Anonymous
        • fjS
        • 14 Aug 2023

        MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 11 May 2023Try Nokia G Series.Nah i hate Nokia c20 I hate it tooo much I enjoyed but I hate it🤦🤦🤦😡keeps lagging at all time

        I thought it was a beast, beautiful gaming

        But it's trash I nearly put it in the god because Nokia studios made a mistake

        Nokia are you serious?!😡,1gb ram on 2021🤣🤣
        Instead 2gb or 3 it will be a blast

        But why Nokia c20 has a great inch of screen better lighting but I'll say this one time

        I will never buy Nokia again forever🤦

        Goodbye nokia I herd your performance is fun but small

        I know on hawuel, iphone, Xfinity, sumsung,and more of the great phone's

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          • TheRockfordfiles
          • fu%
          • 30 Jul 2023

          MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 11 May 2023Try Nokia G Series.The G series?? Seriously?? Bro, the c20 is not a beast, it's indeed a bad phone because of its teeny little battery but the unisoc sc9863a1 chip which has a 4g modem and OTG capabilities changes everything. How do I know that? Because I own the Nokia c30 running android go 11, this device is sure basic but everything works as intended, no issues concerning connectivity, it just needs a 512gb micro SD card and that massive battery which is hard to kill. When I heard that my c30 and the aforementioned c20 would receive only security updates, I knew for sure that their performance won't be impacted and the c30 is a much better purchase.

          For those who complained about how they can't see people who call them, it's BS, The c20 and c30 proximity sensor works very fine, call quality is ok, but I wouldn't recommend the c20, instead I would recommend the c30 which is a great phone for basic use. With it's 6.82 inch screen and blue light filter and the google shenanigans like nearby share, and the lag free interface, thanks to the 2gb of ram and android go os, I'm seriously considering buying another one c30.

          The c20 would be a better phone if it had a non removable 5000 mah battery,

            Anonymous, 29 Jan 2023Thanks bro Which series of Infinix (hot or note or smart) ... moreTry Nokia G Series.

              Jk, 17 Feb 2023After the Jan 5 2023 update , all proximity,ambient ,auto r... moreReset the phone...

                Anonymous, 07 Sep 2022You can't even sell this phone cos your conscience wil... moreSamsung a13

                  Anonymous, 07 Sep 2022You can't even sell this phone cos your conscience wil... moreThe battery is 3000mAh but considering it's a 720p screen with low-end chipset, it would likely offset the difference.

                  Keyword: likely. Haven't used the phone myself but even with the offset I would imagine in reality it wouldn't make too much of a difference. (i.e. yes battery life probably sucks)

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                    • Jk
                    • xjH
                    • 17 Feb 2023

                    After the Jan 5 2023 update , all proximity,ambient ,auto rotate all sensor doesn't work..poor nokia

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                      • Anonymous
                      • X5u
                      • 29 Jan 2023

                      amd, 27 Jan 2023I must agy that infinix is the best with a good cameraThanks bro
                      Which series of Infinix (hot or note or smart)
                      And the name

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                        • amd
                        • xjH
                        • 27 Jan 2023

                        Anonymous, 29 Nov 2022This phone is Lol bro 😅😅😅😅behaving like a 2G network phone ... moreI must agy that infinix is the best with a good camera

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                          • Rocket
                          • XME
                          • 07 Jan 2023

                          Nokia promise 2 yr of security patch update but mine is stuck on August 2022 only . Have anyone getting regular security patch update, n what ur latest security patch date .

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                            • Anonymous
                            • gnC
                            • 06 Jan 2023

                            Anonymous , 07 Dec 2022The camera sucks, it's slow and lagging, it removes yo... moredude this is a budget phone, BUDGET, of course not all is good because you don't pay for it. Expect what you pay for it, or else buy a Nokia X30

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                              • Former Huawei user
                              • fu%
                              • 31 Dec 2022

                              AnonD-1065015, 22 Oct 2022All the negative comments here I don't understand obvi... moreTrue indeed. You can't expect Samsung galaxy s22 performance at this price point. I'm not a gamer nor an Amoled aficionado, that's why I don't have any problems using budget devices. This phone is just like the Redmi 9a, they're basic and are for basic users who write text messages, call on WhatsApp, a little Facebook and Instagram and wireless music streaming (bt 4.2), nearby share....etc

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                                • Former Huawei user
                                • fu%
                                • 31 Dec 2022

                                Anonymous, 27 Dec 2022Guy, maybe your own phone is Nokia C10 check properly befor... moreVery true. Both models look the same but the one with unisoc sc9863 performs much better than the c10, even than the g10 with the Helio g25. At least there won't be any newer android OS upgrade for these phones knowing how trash Nokia updates are

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • X5u
                                  • 27 Dec 2022

                                  Anonymous , 07 Dec 2022The camera sucks, it's slow and lagging, it removes yo... moreGuy, maybe your own phone is Nokia C10 check properly before making Very fake statements

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • X5u
                                    • 23 Dec 2022

                                    Anonymous, 17 Dec 2022Why shout you post all fake commentWhich one are you using
                                    Today being December 23 will make it exactly 10 months I bought the phone and I can say I never enjoyed it starting from May..
                                    The following issues needs to be resolved to make the phone enjoyable

                                    Battery (3000mah 2021/22? Nokia are you joking?)...I charge my phone 100%, 6hours it's dead!

                                    Fingerprint unlock...

                                    No space? How can 16gb phone be released in 2021? When 128gb was released in 2019😡

                                    Though I'm not a photographer but camera quality needs to be improved.. 5MP? Main camera?? U say waaahh?? Nokia? When 48mp is produced in 2020.

                                    Note that this phone is not 4G! It's LTE network, this means that it's a transition from 3G to 4G. It is like an SS3 student (3G) and a university student (4G), LTE is a student that has written WAEC, NECO and JAMB and waiting for admission. LTE is greater than 3G but lesser than 4G... Save your money and buy other phones

                                    Internet connection needs to be strong! What the hell is "H+" and "×" most times?

                                    I still don't understand the difference between torch light and fire in this phone!

                                    System UI keeps crashing, screen flickers

                                    Don't know if I should maintain Nokia or buy others like Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Redmi. Which one guyzzzz??

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uv7
                                      • 17 Dec 2022

                                      Anonymous, 23 Nov 2022I Expected More From Nokia but It's The Worst phone Th... moreWhy shout you post all fake comment

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • rwe
                                        • 07 Dec 2022

                                        The camera sucks, it's slow and lagging, it removes your apps without your permission, it also deletes from your SD card if you have one in it, your keyboard disappears whenever it feels like it or when you're doing something really important and also the touch light is potentially a weapon, I mean why did they make it so hot????! Lastly it overall sucks and I'm disappointed as I expected so much from Nokia and I really loved it because of the Nokia 6.1 but the Nokia C20 is bull kak. I regret getting it.