Nokia C2 Tava

Nokia C2 Tava

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  • ashish

Superb entry level phone. No hanging, No lag , Full day Battery back up

  • Nickamarie

This phone is ridiculous, it freezes up, it lags really really bad, and it will shut off and reboot for no reason at all. The battery isn't good at all, it dies waaaaaay to fast. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone, this will be the next free government phone!!! 🤬

  • Anonymous

But where and how can I buy this god damn thing?

  • Montaser

Its Removable battery in nokia c2 tava. There is a unboxing for it on YouTube

  • www

Redmi 6 still better.

  • م&#158

very good size dispaly but not good specifications.

  • NokiaikoN

Nokia missed to launch these phones in 2015-16 so they are launching it now.

  • Anonymous

I am so confused, the Tava and the Tennen are the same phone, yet the Tava launched today for $110 USD, and the Tennen will launch in about 2-3 weeks and it costs $70 USD? The only difference between the two is the colors offered. I don't get what their strategy is......

deep, 29 May 2020it is not 2014 nokia its damn2020 ok As if you created some rule book that only 2014 should have this design. Their company they decide what to produce. Basically it is produced for CRICKET SIM CARD company exclusively.

  • deep

it is not 2014 nokia its damn2020 ok

  • Anonymous

what fking garbage from nokia

TAVA (тава) haha means - PAN or Tray :D