Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • Jess

old is gold....a nice and a superb product from the nokia company...i have used this phone for 1.5 years...i didnt get any worked smoothly....main benefit is the qwerty keyboard type...2 mp camera...niceeee

  • Bakkar

Dose this phone has duel sim slot??

maleesha, 09 Jun 2019i'm using this as my main device and i love it. It feels so grea... moreEspecially with the headphone jack ;)

  • maleesha

i'm using this as my main device and i love it. It feels so great to take this out when my friend is using his Iphone 7 haha

  • noby

i'm from kerala is it any availability for buying

  • Anonymous

been using this phone since 2013 also experience dropping on the floor like 5ft. still this phone survive. and still now using this phone for texting coz I decided to upgrade my phone last December 2018.

and im looking for another one of these like 2nd hand phone.

  • Mr Grizz

Tex, 14 Feb 2019Whatsapp nick how did u connect itWhatsapp is no longer supported I think

  • Kriss

It Is a good keypad set while compared other enable socialnetworking keyboard prediction and it is nice branded phone it is guaranteed have c3 till 9 years

  • Raff

nicko, 09 Jan 2019I have this phone and still using WhatsApp wow!Its good

  • Tex

nicko, 09 Jan 2019I have this phone and still using WhatsApp wow!Whatsapp nick how did u connect it

  • nicko

I have this phone and still using WhatsApp wow!

  • Ricardo1pran

I have this phone since 2011 and in that time my friends are likely to borrow this phone for using it as a basketball (yes, literally they throwing this phone into the ring just like basketball). Every dent it has won't affect the durability, it just need to change the case. It still alive until today, I use it to make phone calls, SMS, and also music :) Oh yeah the camera is still great tho, even noisy but helpful to capture valuable moments when your smartphone is run out of battery :) If I left this phone idle (locked screen), the battery last 1 week. Regular use it lasts 2 days :)

  • Anonymous

durable phone , still battery last 2days still using this phone. in a year I think I accidentally drop this phone like 50x but still working. little dens also using this phone FB mobile.

  • arthurware

I still use it today as a music player, because my smartphone has too much distractions to really enjoy music.

  • Anonymous

Wow this phone has a long life span I'm using it since 2011 and still alive even today. I never changed the battery and I dont know if there are stores selling a new battery for this phone if the battery died. I sure hope the nokia smartphones have the same lifespan like this c3.

it may not work due whatsapp modification on this year. I think it will? The last time I was using it was 2011-2016.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-750629, 05 May 2018Whatsapp is working in it or notI believe it doesn't work anymore (due to Whatsapp modifications).

  • Nokia-Fan

I got mine in 2010 and unlocked it, still the box, manual and charger, the whole show, available. Since I use mainly an unlocked, pay-as-you-go smartphone for occasional calls and emailing, I took now my Nokia C3 out again and fed it with a pay-as-you-go SIM, just for being able to make an emergency call in case I need to, on my hiking trips with the dog. It is small and thin, slides nicely in the pockets of my jeans, no need for a case at all, it even has a little hole at one bottom corner, for attaching a string/loop. The keyboard is the best, and what else I liked in the past is: recording a sound and assign it as a ring tone. You can't do that with an iphone or most other smart phones. My "Noki" looks still good, it dropped a few times, but no real damage was done, just a few minor scratchen, and it still works. The battery life is also incredible. Will always keep it.

  • Saddd

with a lot of effort i was able to save and buy the phone but my happiness lasted less than a month since someone stole my phone, hopelly that one, has already paid it out. as life goes around

  • AnonD-750629

Whatsapp is working in it or not