Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • Anonymous

it is an awesome phone!!!!!

  • Anonymous

its osam mobile

  • jevy

ssk, 29 Dec 2011I am using C3 model, and getting 'SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST... morei really like this phone.. i'm enjoying it's WLAN .. :))

  • AnonD-36484

ssk, 29 Dec 2011I am using C3 model, and getting 'SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST... moreCall the customer care no. of ur sim operator and ask for the settings.......

  • raju

nice pic...

  • ayaz hashmi

I have purchase Nokia C3 recently all functions are very simple but I have one problem when I want to delete some selected messages in inbox r sent items I couldn't delete those selected items by marking all I have to go one by one. Let me know how to do it.

  • hanu shilpi

ssk, 29 Dec 2011I am using C3 model, and getting 'SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST... morehi friend your c3 phone needs u r network internet settings, cal to your customer care and get it and save it , i hope u do it

  • pastor

can this phone has the capacity to record for two hours (vedio)

  • benicomken

This is the best java phone Nokia have ever produced, u need to get into this phone and tap into its beauty, i love my phone than anytin u can ever imagine... Nokia u are the best.. But u can improve a little bit on it to giving our life a meaning. Nokia Connecting People!

  • AnonD-28360

Special handphone! Though no 3G network. But if replace WLAN with 3G it will be the best phone.

  • paul

how do i delete the calls on a call list

  • ssk

I am using C3 model, and getting 'SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA FIRST' message whenever i tried to access internet. Please help ???

  • joeee

is it support whatsapp like e63??

  • Technogirl

foneaddict, 22 Dec 2011Awful Phone. Bad camera. Have had it for 9 months and I'm not im... moreI've also had the same problems with my nokia c3 and I'm getting an upgrade very soon, but although I've had those problems I know that I'll miss da phone. I would recomend this phone because with all my other phones that I've had, I couldnt wait to get rid of them, but this phone is so nice and (mostly) reliable :) that i just cant let it go

  • faz

syam, 14 Dec 2011how can i chang the language? Arabic to Englishvery simple go to setting then open the phone folder and change the can you tell me how to instal the nimbuz in c300?

  • FAz

Aariz, 25 Dec 2011nimbuz work in this phone i mean voice call nimbuz to nimbuzzhow can we instal the nimbuz in c300 nokia mobile?

  • lovely zulfii

My opinion is that it is very nice mobile u just use it u don't see any problem

  • Anonymous

hajjo, 13 Oct 2011pls i have problem with my usb cable,if i connet the usb cable f... morei think the usb cable you're using is damage i encountered that problem already i think

  • Faz

how can we instal the nimbuz in c3 mobil? I am going to trying but i did instal the nimbuz program... can you help me?

  • batista

the phone is really awesome. thats one thing for sure. the problem is, there is no folders for saving messages. only archive.. but no my folders.