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Nokia C3

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  • Tester

Very good phone, it has fallen in water several times but still works. Camera is not up to the mark

  • Anonymous

Every day many brands launches their new models but we remember very few for a long time. Nokia c3-00 is one of them. I had this for more then 14 months & to me with this phone you'll always feel that you got allot more in rs6400. This is its old price.
Plus points are: very easy n simple system is so userfriendly.
Battery of 7hrs talktime is best.
Phone is best for net n fb use.
Supports latest browsers an apps.
Can't say about wi-fi i haven't used it yet.
Looks very impressive with good 2.4 inche screen n qwerty keyboard.
& many more u can in very low price. Yes camera is little bit low quality but its ok can't say very poor.
A wise person will never disappoint with this phone.

  • daya


  • aWtZ

2011 = C3-00 year
2012 = Year of the Asha 303

  • Rachit

Not satisfactory for me. Mp4 video is not supporting well.

  • jacob

@YoungDrCream , 17 Dec 2011I really want to know... Is whatsApp compatible with nokia c3 yess

  • Mustafa

Have no complains about the phone but so far so good.

  • Farhad

This phone is very smart, But its camera is very low quality. Usally its ovaroll cabasity is good. Web browsing cuality is very good.

  • Anonymous

not good set

  • ken

my Nokia c3 00's backlight doesn't dim or automatically turns off and it is eating up my power very fast everyday. can anyone help me with this problem?

  • frank

my c3 wlan is able to see my wireless but i cannot connect even though i have put in the right password can anyone help me out with this problem

  • looser

hi friends, don't buy nokia c3 because it does not connet internet via wifi. i think nokia company bull shitting us. some nokia mobiles before connecting to internet it asks connect via wifi (or) sim network... nokia c3 utter waste...

  • bobs

HTM STORM, 16 Dec 2011just i wanna know if C3-00 really doesn't contain a drafts messa... morearchive option is there...

  • @YoungDrCream

I really want to know... Is whatsApp compatible with nokia c3

  • nitty

D fone is just fab..its a very strong fone bt nokia gotta improve on d mega pixels.2mp is 2low and dere shud b a setting where one can reduce the brightness of the phone

  • friah

..base on your comments, I have lots to learn on it..I will buy it.

  • Anonymous

the fone is good and you can do almost anything with it but i was not impressed with the camera,,,,i tel you its POOR, u cant even put settings of your choice eg light intensity, except 4 zoom, please nokia improve the camera

  • enigma

this is one of the best phones ever!

  • anne

nokia c3 have a wifi??

  • AnonD-34520

AnonD-34499, 16 Dec 2011I really want to know if i cant download WhatsApp on mi C3. Also... moreyess u can..
nd it runs good..