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  • Anonymous

just got C3 three weeks now but since i got it it keeps flashing "phone memory full" yet have not added on anything much except for a few songs (which i cannot even listen to now) coz of that memory full thing. can someone help????

  • bhabisya

hi m using nokia c3-00 since 6 months.i gaot a problem in ovi.why my ovi is not working..i have tried for several times it ask for new veersion n if i go for download it says temproraly network problem,then no links available there is no problem in network.

  • Anonymous

does it have tracking device

  • Anonymous

ive been using this phone since April 2011, i enjoy it. But its camera are not so good. But if you know how to use it properly you can enjoy it also.. -crisz

  • Rajat Ghai

Who is the best hendset in nokia c3,7230. Pls

  • AnonD-12262

The hanpging problem depends on ur memory card, i've been using this fone for 9 months, the only hanging problem i had was on my memory card, now i have changed it, no problem at all, to me Nokia C3 is the best fone ever, (7.5/10).

  • Anonymous

Its a terrible phone, I got in in late January and by early March the phone started glitching. It would randomly turn off and take lonnnger than normal to turn back on. It deleted my contacts all the time! Also my messages from one person would show up in the convorsation of another personn. I can say that i absoloutly love some of the features. The convorsation mode, when its not messing up, is easy to read and makes looking for a certain message easy! All the features are easy to find. I know many people with the same phone and all say it is a good phone except it brakes easily, most of the people I know have had problems with the screen. Over all i would give this phone a 4/10.

  • priyanka

I think it is a very nice phone & has all the facilities that a high rang multimedia h/s has. i personally feel that in a cheap rate this is the best h/s with vast & facenating features.

  • Shree

Hi Friends
How many SMSs can i store in C3?

  • irshurinuz

yeah...i've been usin' C3 include wid blackberry & windows HTC..but for easy menu option C3 z better..u can't get other fone wid this cheap rate!!!

  • Bolly

C3 product is very easy for those who have only one finger

  • mohit

it's a very nice phone

  • Teja

sumi, 24 Sep 2011i m planning to nokia c3 plz suggest me hw successfull it i... moreHi Sumi,
This is a nice phone. I have been using for last 8 monhts. No problem yet all. U can buy this without thinking.


  • big fingers

what this like for people with big fingers to type???

  • AnonD-6605

sumi, 24 Sep 2011i m planning to nokia c3 plz suggest me hw successfull it i... moreGolden white is superb

  • Dinesh Lalwani

sumi, 24 Sep 2011i m planning to nokia c3 plz suggest me hw successfull it i... more@sumi- If ur buying Nokia C3 then d best colour is "Navy Blue". i think u'll not get easily bcz of its high demand. And, Nokia is best then Samsung. :)

@Other- Yeah! its an Awesome mobile. i do chat- gtalk, yahoo, fb.. 24x7 also its supports "Whatsapp" application ;)

  • AnonD-23477

Hi Friends! Is there any video player using which we can increase the volume coming out of the headset. Volume is very low through headset. Please do suggest a solution for this.

  • Anonymous

this is denver parado's phone

  • Anonymous

can u give me Lotus compatible Nokia model

  • tracy

This phone is simply brilliant! I got rid of my samsung tocco ultra because I prefered this one so much. It's got a nice big bright screen, it's very loud and despite only being a 2 mp camera it takes a good clear picture. It is a 2g phone but its suprisingly fast and the ovi store has lots of free goodies that u can download straight to your phone. For the price it is a fab phone!