Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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shekhar, 12 Mar 2014is this mobile whatsup supportableYes.

it's a very nice phone

  • suri

its a really nice phone,bettry is also run for long time specially using internet on laptop as a modem

  • ashish

shekhar, 12 Mar 2014is this mobile whatsup supportableyes whatsapp is supported

  • shekhar

is this mobile whatsup supportable

  • Anonymous

It is good phone and user friendly.

  • Anonymous

deen, 25 Feb 2014does whats app work for this??xx xxyes

  • Chiranjit

Speaker quality is not good. I am using from 2 yesrs and I need to change speaker in eavery 3 months.

  • T.H

And it can used as a modem.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-74419, 14 Feb 2014Re, the other person not hearing you, is a known bug. It ha... morethey no flash light

  • AnonD-237646

does whatsapp works for this

  • deen

does whats app work for this??xx

  • yusuf

ooow its a nice mobile phone i have use it for many times

  • dj dragon

this is good cell, the batery take long time... Use c3 u will like

  • hems

i am using this phone,since 2.5 years,continue with net use,best phone,bettery backup is awesome

  • AnonD-74419

Re, the other person not hearing you, is a known bug. It happens most when using the headphones, then disconnecting them. The fix is after disconnecting headphones, shut off phone and restart.

  • Micky

Nokia C3 Is BeSttt..

  • Abhishek

I bought this device for use as secondary phone . Its used phone the ear piece volume is low when atending calls battery is giving good milege of 6 hours of internet usage i need to know how good is the ear piece volume anyone tell me plzzzzzz

  • M shakir khan

Update its software or restore factory settings. ur great thankx

  • nikhil

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2013My nokia c3 has lost some features e.g my community, calcul... moreUpdate your phone by go to setting.

  • Sumeda

My nokia c-3 is lost all the sounds..what i have to do