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Nokia C3

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  • Panama71

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2011Does C3 plays AVI videos? Pls help meno only 3gp and mp4

  • AnonD-14660

Its java powered phone that's why it does not support online calling....

  • Anonymous

Does C3 plays AVI videos? Pls help me

  • Anonymous

How do I use the Wi-Fi with this type of phone??

  • Ron

I used this phone. But the
call sound is not at all
audible, you cannot hear
while talking to anyone.
Very Very bad

  • sharma

awesome handset it.

  • binoyjakob

will nokia c3 phne support antivirus and the nimbuz

  • cherub22

AnonD-8044, 22 Jul 2011I have pink colour as good back up fone its never let me down an... moreYes.. Actually I'm using the white one.. and it's good.. ^^

  • Mohamed

Iam used nokia c3 model i like this phon.4gp memory uptatable this phon plss reply me

  • AnonD-8044

tayyab, 21 Jul 2011phone gets hanged after inserting 8gb card why ?I am using 8GB kingston card and its works fine so i know it works..The big trouble is some people get the card and stick it in device out of another device,,this will cause problems..

I suggest getting all videos/photos/mp3 etc content off card onto computer and reformat card.Then put card into C3 and switch on device...The C3 will start to set out its folders on card so it knows where stuff is..Switch off C3 and remove card from C3 and put stuff on computer back onto card in correct folders..

Some people get away with switching memory cards but its best to start fresh clean card for a new device..

  • AnonD-8044

I have pink colour as good back up fone its never let me down and know lots of people with blackish coloured one but never seen the white version..Has anyone got white colour,,does it exist??

  • Mohd

AnonD-9575, 21 Jul 2011Hi all, Which is better to buy nokia c3 or samsung corby II? If... moreThe Nokia C3-00 is too much better cause firstly the internal memory of Nokia C3-00 is 55mb but the internal memory of the Corby 2 is 26mb, secondly, The Nokia C3-00 has Flash lite 3 but the Samsung Corby 2 hasn't got flash lite, thirdly, the Nokia C3-00 has a batter of 1320 mAh But The Samsung Corby 2 has a battery of 1000 mAh and also the Nokia C3-00 has a qwerty keyboard but The Samsung Corby 2 has a full touch screen and the price of the Nokia C3-00 is lowest. But, the Samsung Corby 2 has touch wiz v3.0, Bluetooth v3.00 ( Nokia C3 has got v2.1) and a document viewer plus b,g,n support in the WiFi ( Nokia C3-00 has a support of b/g but The Nokia C3-00 still better and i recommend it to you.

  • bb

brety good fun but no good service

  • AnonD-9575

Hi all,
Which is better to buy nokia c3 or samsung corby II? If nokia c3 is better let me know in what aspects pls?

  • bond 007

looking good these phone but didn't buy these till now,,.,


Is it really gud to buy C3????
Plz anyone help me out....

  • AnonD-8044

Snaptu is another great app..

  • Anonymous

c3 screen in my opinion a very bad bad bad camera perfofmans a bad phone connection to the internet

  • tayyab

phone gets hanged after inserting 8gb card why ?

  • hardik bavadiya

currently i use nokia c3 it really smart phone to sent a message and wi-fi & switch of the phone is very soft for use..........................