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  • AnonD-570

Mark, 16 Jul 2011And now it has WhatsApp & Foursquare....hello mark.

are u sure about the availability of 'whats app' for nokia C3???

are u using it???

  • Red

nova, 16 Jul 2011c5 is better or c3 is better let me know pl suggest me other tha... moreC5 has better features than the C3, but they are market-specific, serving different kinds of users with different needs. C5 runs on Symbian which enables multitasking and diverse third-party support, while C3 runs on S40 UI designed to LOOK LIKE symbian. C5 is more of a budget business phone while C3 appears to be a cheap, convenient, messenger phone. Oh, C5 has 3G but no WIFI but C3 has WIFI yet no 3G. Hope this helps.

  • nova

c5 is better or c3 is better let me know pl suggest me other than camera

  • Nimrat Dhiman

I have question about sent item...there is no option to not to saved sms in sent Items...only deleted option is any one help me out because i dn't want ma sms to be saved in sent items

  • Mark

And now it has WhatsApp & Foursquare....

  • fafa

i realy lov this phone but the only problem is that it does not hav flash light to help with pictures in the night

  • Adnan

I like its java games but it could not open web page more than 1mb.

  • Anonymous

It is an excellent cell phone. It has a good price for all the basic equipment it handles: WiFi, BlueTooth, 2 Megabbit Camera. The Keyboard and the screen are first quality. ¿Want a cell phone for lots messaging? THIS is the phone.

  • swtp07

Over all I think it is a great phone to have .it is indeed user friendly it offers all you need .has wifi wireless connection .it can get skype you have to download it from pc pop it on to the memory card there you are you got skype.takes great pictures .the only thing that it doesn't have is a flash on the camera but if you want camera then go for sony erricson but over all it is a good phone

  • Anonymous

that is avery good phone, good lok.....keep rocking with c3.............

  • Anonymous

is this nokia whatsapp enabled? can anyone tell me what basic apps this phone is capable to?

  • Abhel

Dinesh k.c., 14 Jul 2011It is so good mobile phone. Opera mini is so fast. Facebook is a... moreconnectioning ---> connection rather :)

  • AnonD-12262

wara, 15 Jul 2011้how do you download FACE BOOK application for Nokia C3Go to Ovi Store.

  • Anonymous

It supports E buddy.

  • wara

Dinesh k.c., 14 Jul 2011It is so good mobile phone. Opera mini is so fast. Facebook is a... more้how do you download FACE BOOK application for Nokia C3

  • unknown : )

I honestly dont know if i should get this phone I acttually wonder if its similar to blackberry curve 3g?

  • AnonD-570

rognema, 15 Jul 2011go to and download it from there.thanx mate...

but i have checked it there already,though the blog saying "whats app for s40" is there.

unfortunately...still no support or download given for s40 platform.

still it shows 'ur device is not supported' :(

pls do let me know if u come to know anything,thanx,cheers :)

  • rognema

AnonD-570, 14 Jul 2011anybody is using "whts app" on nokia C3 ??? just ca... morego to and download it from there.

  • issraws

lancehamham, 14 Jul 2011i recomend to all c3 user to update you verion my old 3 ... morethe phone is ok despite it lack basic functions like minimizatin,3g,flashlight etc but its major setback that the standby light is too bright it is obscuring and it can't be reduce it can render one blind or is there a solution

  • AnonD-570

anybody is using "whts app" on nokia C3 ???

just came to know few days back whts app beta was released for S40.

pls somebody search in ur ovi store and let me know...

i'll be vry thankfull guys...TIA,cheers :)