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  • Anonymous

Wow this phone has a long life span I'm using it since 2011 and still alive even today. I never changed the battery and I dont know if there are stores selling a new battery for this phone if the battery died. I sure hope the nokia smartphones have the same lifespan like this c3.

it may not work due whatsapp modification on this year. I think it will? The last time I was using it was 2011-2016.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-750629, 05 May 2018Whatsapp is working in it or notI believe it doesn't work anymore (due to Whatsapp modifications).

  • Nokia-Fan

I got mine in 2010 and unlocked it, still the box, manual and charger, the whole show, available. Since I use mainly an unlocked, pay-as-you-go smartphone for occasional calls and emailing, I took now my Nokia C3 out again and fed it with a pay-as-you-go SIM, just for being able to make an emergency call in case I need to, on my hiking trips with the dog. It is small and thin, slides nicely in the pockets of my jeans, no need for a case at all, it even has a little hole at one bottom corner, for attaching a string/loop. The keyboard is the best, and what else I liked in the past is: recording a sound and assign it as a ring tone. You can't do that with an iphone or most other smart phones. My "Noki" looks still good, it dropped a few times, but no real damage was done, just a few minor scratchen, and it still works. The battery life is also incredible. Will always keep it.

  • Saddd

with a lot of effort i was able to save and buy the phone but my happiness lasted less than a month since someone stole my phone, hopelly that one, has already paid it out. as life goes around

  • AnonD-750629

Whatsapp is working in it or not

  • Jo

This year in 2018, I'm STILL using my Nokia C3 while virtually everyone is carrying a smartphone. C3 is beautiful, durable, solid. No cracks at all (yes, it's dropped sometimes). I use for texting and occasional phone calls only. Oh, yes, the battery lasts 3 weeks on the average (just for texting). I don't care about other features, since I can access the Net using my portable Surface I bring between work and home daily. Between home and work on road or anywhere, texting is sufficient. As for buying a smartphone, I'd only consider a tablet/phone in one (foldable phone) later in the near future.

  • Aklaqul islam

My all phone certificats i was deleted . Now what i do ?

  • Mukesh

ripon, 20 Oct 2017sim card details..Nice phone

  • ripon

sim card details..

  • COCO

used it for 6 years straight ... best phone ever

  • AnonD-706840

Do we have parental control on these phone? I want to block internet access, whatsapp, facebook.

  • Anonymous

How can I delete call log? I can't delete it

  • Anonymous

Sahil, 04 Sep 2017Good phone but suddenly ovi store is not working!can some body t... moreSearch in Opera Store....

  • Sahil

Good phone but suddenly ovi store is not working!can some body tell me why.and help me out of this problem.

  • Anonymous

KK, 07 Dec 2016Nokia C3 is one of the best phones ever. I've just lost mine - ... morealiexpress

  • AnonD-658460


  • AnonD-676486

AnonD-676486, 11 Jun 2017Question: On powering up my C3 with a new FIDO SIM card insert... moreIt's all academic now; I switched my plan back to CHATR.

  • AnonD-676486

On powering up my C3 with a new FIDO SIM card inserted, I got the message "Phone Restricted" and was asked to "Enter restriction code". My previous service provider CHATR (a ROGERS company) gave me what is called the Unlock Code for the IMEI number I supplied, but it didn't work. On the NOKIA website I believe it said that either 1234 or 12345 is the default Restriction Code. Neither worked. Any suggestions, other than cancelling my FIDO plan and returning to my CHATR plan?

  • Gautam

rocker, 05 Oct 2016*#7370#Use default password 12345