Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • Anonymous

i m using this nokia c3 its very good mobile and easy to use

  • Anonymous

gwhen, 05 Jul 2011i want to buy c3 can yuo tell me about this good???yes its very good mobile i m also using

  • ashu

hey!!the downloading speed is vry slow..!!!why?anybody who know...plz rply..

  • sanjiv

Just 2day i bought nokia C3... its nice n user friendly.. Good one.

  • ali

gwhen, 05 Jul 2011i want to buy c3 can yuo tell me about this good???not good

  • gwhen

i want to buy c3 can yuo tell me about this good???

  • 12345

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2011i wanna lok my phone wid codes whta to do...sum1 plzz suggestcode 12345

  • Anonymous

muhammad, 04 Jul 2011does c3 have flash?no

  • Anonymous

I am very dissappointed with this phone becuase of the battery. It takes me over four hours to charge and runs out just about the same time after it charges, so in order to use the phone, I have to end up charging it three times per day becuase the battery will not last for more than fours hours even if you are not using it to talk or text. I don't even have the internet on my phone and this is the problem I am having with the phone. My other nokia takes three or four days before it requires charging and this phone has to be charged every four hours. Pls don't buy or you will be very dissappointed

  • Anonymous

DS, 13 Apr 2010The phone itself seems good but the package contents are very di... moreMy Nokia C3 takes longer than 3 hours to charge an d much less than that for the battery to run out of the charge. I am really sorry that I bought his phone because of that. Sometines i have to be charging the phone 3 times a day just to to keep it on. Even if I am not talking or ding anyhting ont he pne the battery goes quickly, that is just silly. I am planning to returnb mine

  • Migara

C3 is nice

  • vasisth

y nokia c3 dont have 3G

  • Anonymous

can i open adobe reader files in nokia c3?

  • sam

hlw fenzz im usd c3 bt its country look so how can i open it plzz

  • s

the GPRS automatically enabels is it defect

  • Farhan

hey guys i want to ask about nokia c3 is this gud 4 use? coz i m intrsted to buy tht..........

  • muhammad

does c3 have flash?

  • New C3 user

I bought a C3 last week.
Its great except that i can't download any app/software with keeps saying 'operation failed' in the middle of the download and 'wap connection ended'...although browsing is still possible after this download failure.
So,somebody plz tell me whats the matter?

  • Anoop

AnonD-12262, 03 Jul 2011does c3 hav multitasking?it is not so good beacause the screen is very small

  • C3 User

AnonD-12262, 03 Jul 2011does c3 hav multitasking?No, C3 has NO MULTITASKING!!! Except MP3 player - you can listen to music in background and do something else. All other programs can run one at a time ONLY.