Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • jhon cena

sd, 29 Mar 2011how can i use the wifi?Are u a baby ,see first go to menu and then settings and then conectivity and then wlan and then select the wlan and if password is required enter and enjoy

  • jhon cena

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2011worst mobile ever he got an endless connection errors always not... morewhy everything are all right ,we can connect to net , facebook, twitter etc.the thing is not right thatit is S40 do uhave any problem tell mee

  • rocky

I believe what u people saying is true but onceupdate to the latest firmware v7.20 trust me everythings gonna b akright..its a good buy to update just connect ur cell to pc and choose update software from ovi might take time to download firmware so plz b patient..i hope u enjoy c3.

  • Renee

It's good, and I've been using it for almost a year now. The only problem with it is the sound quality. Pretty crappy.

  • Alonz

I have the problem in using WIFI...its connected very easily but not works further more... the error msg is " Service not avaliable" where as other WIFI phones working perfectly ...Can any one guide me about that problem???

  • Anonymous

i think its better to buy samsung star 2 than dis mobile..

  • simon

wow this phone is cool i like coz i browse free through my wi-fi ....still i got no problem with it .....i bought it last year .

  • vera

worst phone i ever got
cant wait to sell it
no wonder its so cheap

  • AnonD-5158

How the hell does a person type a message on mxit with this phone? I am battling my butt off. Any one who has figured this out?

  • Lorraine

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2011Has Anyone Been Able To Get MXit Working On This Phone??I havent been able to type a msg on mxit. Does anyone have that figured out?


Phone Camera is BAD in poor lighted room.

  • shehry

the worst qwerty set i have ever use plz plz dont buy it

  • sa3d

Sam, 31 Mar 2011Y people are crazy about c3 ? Its totally money waste. It's not ... more @ sam

any new mobile must have software bugs at first not only this one..........i'm gonna buy this mobile today and gonna feedback

  • basti

can anyone tel me why should i buy nokia c3
Ive red ol d opinions, c3 doesnt seem alright..

  • AnonD-912

hi i am using version 4.60 and notice that the facebook app in version 7.20 looks better is it better than the v4.60 one or is it the same i just wanna know in case i choose to update.

  • Anonymous

It's not triband....

  • Sam

Y people are crazy about c3 ? Its totally money waste. It's not a good divice for internet lover lotsof erer

  • ward

mine is working perfectly, decent software speed, and you have lots of useful application for download, had i minor connectivity problems but i solved it

  • aWtZ

Nokia C3 always got my back,C3 is the Best for me than Samsung Punch and Samsung Trevi, Cool and Unique Design one of a kind

  • sathi

any latest software 2 download...........