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Nokia C3

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  • bukky

I like nokia c3 phone. But it we take up 2 5hours be4 it casn be fully charged.why

  • Fahmeed

I got a new nokia c3 but I did find a very unusual thing in it I don't have a call log in it please let me know that I it my handset proble or it is not provided by the company it seld

  • jake

i am about to get a nokia c3.but read some other reviews and am a little nervous now.i hope mxit works

  • ratty

koool though but is really hard to get clear pics..nice communities

  • Rohit

i want to buy nokia c3.tell me it is good or bad

  • C3Lover

All its features are awwweeessooomee!
But the only problem is..
The rest, VERY GOOD.

  • kit

i have that phone and i love it

  • rampart

i'm from Romania and i make an soft upgrade(to V 07.20 RM-614).i have an advice for you-Don't do it.
it has a bug problem.
now i have to send my telephone to Nokia to put the software again(flash)with no cost.

  • sid

mohib, 02 Mar 2011Yes it would be better if you go for E63 its much better co... morei want any qwerty phone within 6000 pls tel finaly e63 or c3

  • Anonymous

AnonD-912, 03 Mar 2011can some one tell whether i should update to version 4.60 p... moreyes


what is smartphone? how we wan to know that is smartphone??

  • Arjun

I have alots of problem while i am putting a 4GB memory cards its going hang and Suddenlly its going switch off.

  • denis

di fone aint bad.....its ok n its also normal fone for youth outside d only probs i c is nt a symbian fone nd d camera megapicx.....

  • Ajay

It is a very good phone

  • jay

SU, 02 Mar 2011this is the best phone for net and other uses its a great p... moreHow to connect internet?

  • AnonD-912

can some one tell whether i should update to version 4.60 please i have version 3.35

  • David

Nokia C3 is bst fone 4 browsing. Camera is not bad, but the main disadvantage is bettry backup is not good,

  • tati

What is the configuration of internet in this model C3, please I need that, thanks for ypu help!!

  • haroon

i bought C3 and hope its a good set but friends told me its not a good set it get held, rather then this i trust on NOKIA an buy the phone ..but i got disappointed after using it,,restarts,take 5hrs to recharge,held some times.i have to mention here clearly that i bought new pack of C3 from original outlet.and facing this..nw my set is on warranty and iam thinking to switch myself on blackberry..overall its a good set but so many problems

  • varun

how to save written msgs on nokia c3?
there is no option to save msg...silly bt big me plzzz