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  • Raj

In main view menu chat and communities icons has suddenly dissapeared and also in homescreen menu chat and communities has suddenly dissapeared.Instead of that only waiting option is shown.I want chat and communities icons back in my main view menu.Please sir solve my problem please as soon as possible.

  • markus

I was sent c3 phone from uk but i need it unlocked so that i can use it in uganda.Can you advise me. Thank you

  • BNN

I bought This Nokia C3 Y'day from Opera House, Dreamland Bldg. This Showroom just Newly Opened Last Feb. I hv'nt get USB Code with this. They said, USB code doesn't include this Package. U have to purchase it separately. Each Mobile gave USB code Free.

I dont understand???????????

  • veechick

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2011no memory card. i bought it separately. only the charger, headse... moreokay thanks.
one more thing, when ever i make calls, i always get an alert tone before cennecting and you can imagine the phone is on your ear and that anoying sound comes. how can i stop this. my message alert tone is off, i have tried just about anything but it still happens and the manual is not so helpfull.

please help

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2613, 27 Feb 2011I have this phone, and I can say it is worth buying it. I bough... morehi, does it support youtube streaming video on it?

  • Anonymous

m nt able to use e mail n nebdy tell hw to use dat..m havin bsnl sim...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lol.. there is Nokia C5-00 for you. A true budget smartphone.

  • Anonymous

ashwin112212, 28 Feb 2011shall i buy C3 or E63?Nokia C5-00, smart and trusted. Works like a computer in your hand.

  • Anonymous

ashwin112212, 28 Feb 2011i wanted to buy C3,does it got any problem?or shall i buy E63Nokia C5-00 is the best for your budget.

  • collins

Does this Handset have problem with opera mini,Messages and M-pesa coz mine has got these problems.

  • char

south_c, 28 Feb 2011try to install the latest version. v. 7.20how to install the new version?, please help me! my c3 phone has a bug, its version is only 04.60.. Im in trouble with my multimedia because everytime i used it it hangs ang turns off..please help..

  • pathan

this is bad set

  • ashwin112212

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2011It's a excellent phone to use buy it shall i buy C3 or E63?

  • oarsman

Battery Life-- a chief reason your battery will drain quickly, the vibrate function takes a great deal of power. Unless you really need it, you should turn this off for a remarkable increase in life.

  • ashwin112212

AnonD-1827, 16 Feb 2011i have got this cell almost 3 months ago , i have been facing th... morei wanted to buy C3,does it got any problem?or shall i buy E63

  • Anonymous

veechick, 28 Feb 2011does this phone comes with a memory card? i just received mines ... moreno memory card. i bought it separately. only the charger, headset and manual is inside the box

  • veechick

does this phone comes with a memory card? i just received mines and i only received a chagwr and headset but no memory card or the usb cord.

  • Anonymous

just right. if you're looking for an affordable phone, buy this one. i dont encounter issues about hanging or turning off. just monitor the phone memory, maybe the reason why some users encounter the hanging issues because of full memory.

  • lee

how is the configuration setting for nokia c3? i'm a globe subscriber. everytime i register to GO NOKIA C3 to 2951 and receive the setting, i cannot save it and says that the verification is failed. can somebody help me PLEASE? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • south_c

[deleted post]no regret with c3.. very affordable, good quality and design.