Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • aakash

not gud phone

  • 9m$

shevy, 10 Jan 2011how do i set up my video call?Nokia c3 is not a 3g enabled handset.hence you wouldnt be able to make a video call.

  • dhiraj

software issue hang problem battery problem i change batt but still problem

  • kuldeep

it is very poor phone. I don't believe it is nokia handset.


Nokia c3 is very good, but for me, they must just used an OPTICAL TRACKPAD than a 5 way NAVIGATIONAL KEYS. Because using an Optical Trackpad is a lot easier then clicking the navigational keys.
C3'S CAMERA CLARITY IS AWFUL. It does not look like a 2MP camera at all. There is too much noise when i take pictures.
Overall, C3 is VERY GOOD.

  • jayvee

can you help how can i use this phone with it's communities,ovi store,chat, and only works when theres a wifi

  • Anonymous

its a very worse product as software problem occurs many times. i have remorse feeling after taking it.

  • shaikh

i can download skype on nokia c3 and 5530 xpressmusic!?

  • Anonymous

I can not believe this little wonder is only $110 (unlocked).....

  • Deepak

My phone is creating some problem related to software, so can i go for software upgradation.

  • atrix team

iphone can make atrix killer !!!????

  • Dark angel

There is a dark world of mobile hidden from you find out facts and fear at

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]P4000,00 pesos

  • Hummer

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011friends if you want full keypad then go for this.otherwise you c... moreSE cedar or naite is very good set compaire to this s40 c3.

  • manugrec

Bought this mobile a few days ago and seems that it is working fine till now. Decent music player, apps and keyboard .... but not good camera quality. The price was fair to be honest as for its capabilities it is well priced.

  • shall

Why does my c3 handset shut down when i am getting a call. just bought it two days ago

  • Anonymous

youtube is not supported

  • shevy

how do i set up my video call?

  • Anonymous

friends if you want full keypad then go for this.otherwise you can go for se cedar or naite.totally value for money and much better performance then c3.I have c3 and my brother have cedar.I have use both phones.

  • Anonymous

P5400 or sumthing wen you convert it on peso.. affordable e :)