Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • Chandru

I buy this model last month.Before this i have the nokia x3 model.i think it is better to use for browsing faster than the x3 model

  • annoyinghaziq

its cheap

  • nii

nice phone i've been using it for a couple weeks now it has no down side and it's kinda affordable nice one!!

  • Anonymous

Got the pink one last week :)
Battery lasts long
It's light, and the design of the phone is preety
Can watch YouTube videos
Qwerty keyboard, takes a little time to get used to texting
Has wifi
SUPER cheap
Lolll. Mine came with a hair straightener


Doesn't come with a USB cord to connect to the computer
Doesn't have 3G
Can't adjust brightness

  • cool chetan

Shubhra, 18 Dec 2010How's the music quality???i used this cell music quality is okok but it is smoth cell like honda activa in new condition

  • Rameez

I ve been using C3 for a week and its really awesome. I loved it

  • karine

this cell is gonna be mine in a few days... :P i think it's a great phone.... right??

  • FH1

According to the specs of the phone, it has Edge. When I go onto the internet it stays on GPRS which makes it very slow on the web. Why isn't Edge enabled when browsing the web? Please help!!!

  • vijay

i'll going to buy c3 but internet voice call fecility available or not?

  • Saad

I have the same problem as c3 does nt log into fb via always says 'try again later'...i surf using wifi..kindly gve the solution to this problem....apart frm this the battery never seems to charge even when i put it on charging for like 4 hrs...but even a half charged fone lasts around 2 days....its a gr8 fone overall

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2010is c3 now available with only english keypad in india..?Yes it is...check in any nokia concept store..

  • nidhi

i have been using this phone for almost a month and its great i m really enjoying it. thanks!!!

  • Shubhra

How's the music quality???

  • Anonymous

Barbiegirl (F), 18 Dec 2010I am thinking to buy this phone but can anyone tell me about thi... moreHi, I have a C3 and I haven't encountered any problem with the WIFI. I like it very much allmost for the battery life and its E71 like feeling with a nicer UI. Hope it helps.

  • Fida

C3 is good for surfing the web but not good for watching youtube videos as it streams only low quality 3gps

  • suhail

how many messages get saved in nokia c3 plz tell its very imp

  • Barbiegirl (F)

and also tell me about its camera.

  • Barbiegirl (F)

I am thinking to buy this phone but can anyone tell me about this phone...I hv heard tht thr is some problem with its Wifi and plz particularly tell me about its speaker.

  • biia

I am getting a C3 for xmas I just wanna know is it a good phone?

  • Devilz Head

How can we use Skype software on Nokia C3?