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  • farbror Frej

sasha, 06 Nov 2010 how about the camera and music quality? is it of good kind?"how about the camera..."

The camera - even comparing only with other 2MP fixfocus mobiles - is average at best. There are better 2MP fixfocus alternatives out there. The picture quality is however more then enough for memory-help and explanation-purposes. Thats what I use it for - so Im not disappointed.

  • sandeep

Hi This is Sandeep from India.

I got this phone 2 days back, and I've been spending day and night on this phone, My observation is:

Wifi, this is d primary reason why i got this phone
Stylish Looks: Spl. Golden White Colour
Qwerty Keypad
Conversation of SMS, to see whole conversation
Music Player is good (bt the headphone given in the set is pathetic, get new good quality headphone)

No 3G
No MS Office (forget Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
No Multitasking
Can send msg to many people by marking but cant delete multiple by marking
Camera quality could have been better with flash
No night mode, forget clicking in night if lights are bad

But overall im loving this piece, coz i wasnt looking for 3G phone. So those who are not looking for 3G and for office documents. This phone is great and affordable choice for them.

  • vibin

It is possible to install Excel in this mobile

Looking for your reply.

  • kamran

i want to purshase so plz tell me its good or not. tell me truely.

  • Lode Runner

What? No 3G?? So how does the Twitter and Facebook app connect? ... very slow.

You can't browse the web while on the road. You have to find a WiFi spot.

  • momna

i m also a c3 user.its awsm

  • Shoaib Khan

Pls. kindly tell me how to run the MS Office files words and Excel etc....
Shoaib Khan.

  • Ishu

In my opinion the phone is very good and its music is amazing. I hope nokia will update its SW and include brightness function.

  • sasha

how about the camera and music quality? is it of good kind?

  • Faheem

Is this a symbian phone?

  • farbror Melker

No, this phone doesnt have dual-sim capability, and No, the screen on C3-00 isnt scratch-proof.

  • DSJ

A great phone. Re-defined the old, monotonous features and design of the Symbian OS, yet still very user-friendly; even features choice on font sizes which is a big help to my blurring eyesight.

However, the info on specs:
"Phonebook - Practically unlimited entries and fields" is not correct.
It can only accommodate 1000 of my 3000 Contacts.

  • cold

How to insert the Ü symbol on Nokia C3?

  • Morafa haywhy

Did phone is dem myne yesterday 4 just 24k....been surfing d net free ever synce...if u aven't gotten one u are on a looong thing...

  • Anonymous

i want to buy it really good..i can use internet even if the area is not a wifi zone?

  • Abir

I want know about bettery much.can any one help?

  • Jagadeesh

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2010How do you clear the cache of the opera browser. "clear pri... moreGo to tools and seetings and then cookie

  • Anonymous

Well actually it depends on how you use the phone.. but for a 2G connection definitely it could last long than a 3G phone..

Can I ask about the screen of the C3? is it scratch proof? After you peel off the plastic cover on the screen do you think it's scratch proof? or do i need to buy a screen protector??

And also is there a leather case? or pouch case like the E series phone available for this phone??

  • Anonymous

Sweetrascaljohn, 06 Nov 2010Well c3 ia basic model with!but tis not programmed... moreIt's worth the price!! I love this phone!!
I got mine for 6k here in ph.. and it has wifi! I can chat thru this phone.. You will be notified when you received any email and chat messages through your phone immediately.. of course you should have wifi connection.. the music was also great.. but i need to buy 8gb memory card.. so that i can also transfer some videos.. :D

  • Anonymous

Wielfriet, 05 Nov 2010Is this OK batterie time 800hour in stand by ???The battery can stand up to 33 days on standby mode. But in my experience I think it could lasts up to 1 week in regular use with wifi connection that's always connected.