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Nokia C3

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  • sumit zoe

can any1 tell me d difference b/w 16M and 256k color display....
need a genuine answer..

  • Marley

very nice! i wish i had one...:(

  • makr

can it play youtube videos from the full site & not just the mobile youtube site? (eg.

  • karthik

which is best nokia c3 or nokia c5

  • Atif

shabin, 20 Oct 2010stylish phonebut not symbian :(

  • rahul

Nokia Hater, 19 Oct 2010For the past one year Nokia releasing lot of failure and useless... moreNokia C1 is a dual sim phone!

  • Anonymous

does it have a quick office?

  • Anonymous

does it have themes? i mean downloadable themes?

  • azam91

HarrY, 20 Oct 2010does USB cable include with new C3 ?No. it doesnt come with usb data cable. sold separately...
only charger and headphone in box..

  • danish

shabin, 20 Oct 2010stylish phoneyup

  • manish manghi

only bad feature is camera .this will not defeat samsung due to camera.

  • FAHM

Wana sagesion to buy thes fone

  • Anonymous

HarrY, 20 Oct 2010does USB cable include with new C3 ?Sure hav ....

  • Narcyss

I bought this phone 2 days ago and i am very pleased with not a symbian phone but the only thing that laks is multitasking and a document reader(word, pdf, etc).the phone doesent hangs like others said and the wireless works beautifully.The internet is so fast, it works just like on e71 or e63 and it has flash so you can watch youtube or other flash videos.the battery life seems to be ok.This is a cheap phone but works much better then my old sonyericsson p1, who was very slow on the internet end in the menu but the only thing i am missing is the camera, but who needs a camera when i can use a digital camera instead and take much better pictures.

  • Joshua Tree

Part 2

The only few minor problem I encountered

First is the long charging time that eats up 3-4 hours of your time. With heavy usage the phone lasted normally 1-2 days meaning accessing facebook thru wi-fi, checking emails, listening to music, calls and text messaging.

The 2 mega pixel camera is not really exceptional but decent enough.

Lastly,maybe because of the relatively cost efficient pricing. The phone package does not contain a usb and worst, it does not come with a free memory card sd. So you need to buy those separately.

But overall, the phone is a darling. A good qwerty phone for beginner like myself and the phone is absolutely responsive. No bugs, no restarting problem.... I wouldn’t trade it with a blackberry.

  • Joshua Tree

Hi my name is josh. Im here today to give you a full review of my brand new phone, the nokia c3.

The Nokia C3 is a GSM phone/QWERTY mobile comes with a great list of features. Nokia C3 price is optimal and it is a great buy.I got mine last 1st of august directly from a nokia store.

The Nokia C3 is a mobile phone meant for fast messaging and social networking.

From afar it looks like a sleek blackberry phone.....

It is sleek and the metallic colors are a feast for the eyes, I just bought the Slate Grey version which has a better paint job amongst the other version.

The main thing I liked about the Nokia C3 is that it is Wi-Fi enabled which for me is is the powerhouse of connectivity.I tested the wi fi functionality at the mall and works fantastic. Only problem streaming for youtube doesn’t work.

The nokia c3 lets you stay constantly on top of your networks with email, IM,and conversational messaging

The Nokia C3 includes a customizable home screen where the background, theme, and icons can be changed with ease.

Live feeds from Twitter and Facebook can be integrated directly on the home screen. The Nokia C3 also allows you to manage all your email, chat, and calendar and music directly from the home screen with dedicated widgets.

The Nokia C3 has a 2 mega-pixel camera, which is decent enough in my own opinion. Capturing and storing images becomes easy with the a relatively small 55 MB internal memory that can be extended up to 8 GB with MicroSD card. Mine is only 1gb since i only use this as my secondary phone.

With additional Bluetooth support on top of powerful internet connection, video clips can be shared at ease.

The Nokia C3 packs enormous power for accessing the Internet either over 2G or Wi-Fi.

Let me try access my facebook account for free via suncellular.

The vivid 2.4-inch wide color screen is just perfect. The Nokia C3 has a full QWERTY keyboard that supports heavy texting.

The flow of SMS conversations can be followed as text messages appear one after another with conversation going back and forth.

The Nokia C3 allows the user to access up to 10 personal email accounts including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Nokia's Ovi Mail support is always available on Nokia C3. Chat options include Ovi Chat, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk.

  • buli

compared to its price i think this phone is a keeper !

  • jay

hi ppl..
im looking forward for giftin ma dad a handset..he is currently using some old nokia budhet is somwhere close to 4500 to maximum 5000..wanted to know should i go for c3 or if something else...please requier your ma dad is going to use..and he is typicall indian dad who will use the same handset for a long time....waiting for your replys..thankzzz

  • KK

I am using this phone (Nokia C3) from a month and the phone has hung for 10-15 times now. This happens usually when I am playing any video or somtimes when i wanna make a call. I am not sure what the problem is, but once it is fixed i bet it would be the phone i would like to use for a long span of time.

  • debabrata

HarrY, 20 Oct 2010does USB cable include with new C3 ?no it doesnot include data cable and no microsd card..instead a 6month mo free from airtel