Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • shabin

Avi, 20 Oct 2010verv-very sexy........... stylish phone

  • MaNoJ

Very superb launch by nokia...
Very very fantastic....

  • Wasabe

When buying this the MicroSD is included right? how come some stores say its not included?

  • anoop_kumar

completely worth and satisfying in this segment.

very good picture quality and latest technology.

  • Sophia

maecolette, 20 Oct 2010hi just wanna ask, can a nokiaC3 be downloaded with a google map... moreyeah u can get google maps on this phone!

  • Sophia

rehan, 20 Oct 2010plz some one tell me can we use calling software in this c3 phon... morenope, skype calling is not available on this phone!

  • argh!!!

few days back, it sold for good RM 99 (about 20 euro)
at Malaysia!!!!!

  • tracy_07

[deleted post]i bought mine for 6500php 2gb memory card included.

  • anand

no features as campare to e63

features, usb cable, memory card missing

  • dr_croixx

I loved my Nokia C3 Phone.even though there are times that when your going to download large files it will restatrt but its ok.WIFI is great! Camera is not that good but I am more on Internet access. I highly recommend this phone!

  • Anonymous

It is not a smartphone and not a dual sim phone. But it is good and powerful addition in Java phone. I am waiting the Spec of Samsung Ch@t 322 it is dual sim phone. And i hope other specs are same as Nokia C3-00

  • Manoj

can i get it without metal body. Hw much it costs. Its s s40 series or s60 series phn?

  • rehan

plz some one tell me can we use calling software in this c3 phon, i want to use skype plz reply me.

  • N

Hey Guys,
I wanna buy the Nokia C3. I really want something with WiFi, but I don't want a phone that keeps stuffing up on me. I don't mind camera, anything that is 2MP or over is good enought for me. Is it true that it keeps restarting? Is it a reliable phone for sms and phone calls..? cause that's really important. and what comes in the box..? is there a connection for teh computer etc..? Would you recommend me to buy this phone or not..? In Australia it's only $129. Please give me your true opinions for those who have experience with it.
N :)

  • Jane doe

Tink its very nyc n highly affordable, parveen tink u sud go 4 it, jst gt it masef, lol!

  • Joginder

Please anyone let me know whether skype can be used in this handset?

  • Chriszy

Im so in love with pink gadgets so Ive decided to buy this new HOT PINK NOKIA C3. . its good. . but sometimes even thought you're connected on a wifi, the internet doesn't work. . and the 2.0 MP Camera Sucks!. . Well i guess when it comes to Camera phone, i still go for Samsung. . .

  • Anonymous

parveen, 20 Oct 2010i am just planning to purchase this phone for net purpose. plsss... moreplease go ahead and let me know if you feel its good

  • Gn Group

how is c3 phone how is wifi working on this phone????

  • Ashish

can any one tell me where i get this phone in Delhi