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Nokia C3

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  • sunny

no one is giving real news... so i guess we shud ask some other questions..
when is dj tiesto coming to India...? ..... lol :)

  • Saminathan

CEO Nokia India, 29 Aug 2010Sorry guys this phone will be available with Nokia Priority Deal... more100% Fake news


I've heard a lot of nice feebacks about Nokia C3.
I went to a store today here in Manila to check on it. I'm impressed. i love it. And boy, i was surprised with the price. Of course, I didn't leave the store without it. :-)

  • Anonymous

to ceo nokia

please keep the cell phone price as lose as possible so that econoically poor class should afford to have nokia c3

  • Anonymous

the only disadvantage is S40, otherwise, this is a very good mobile, especailly for the youth

email and messaging is the best......
read the review... :)

  • CEO Nokia India

Sorry guys this phone will be available with Nokia Priority Dealers only in the 1st week of October.
Please wait till then.
Thank You

  • Bitcch

I own micromax q7 and nokia c3. Nokia c3 is the best model.

Nokia c3 rating: 8/10
Micromax q7: 4/10

Q7 doesn't support many sofwares and wifi technology is waste.

Go for nokia....
Q7 is 5000rs and c3 5230rs.

  • yve

ralph magsombol, 29 Aug 2010great phone! you can watch youtube videos in its wifi browser ... moreHello sir! can it really watch youtube videos??? please reply. thanks!

  • sam concepcion

I think C3 wont be available in india, i called nokia yesterday and they said it wont be available any more in other places. good philippines had it

  • ralph magsombol

great phone! you can watch youtube videos in its wifi browser unlike other phones that has wifi
and UNLIKE MY PSP bg lcd and yet you cant watch youtube!!!!????? WTF

  • MJ

i have this amazing phone for 2 months now and im still loving it, plus i had the hot pink color so the more that i like it.

  • Saminathan

Its very thrilling nobody knows when it will launch somebody says first week of September and somebody says 2nd week of September only God knows the launch date.

  • naja

i just bought C3 and i love it....

  • Rauf

angel, 28 Aug 2010My sister just bought me this cool phone as a birthday present. ... moreYes From you can download free english Dictionary. you can use it offline.

  • litty

it seemzz 2 b a nice cell.. but does it hv usb cable???

  • Sanjay

ye india me launch kab hoga.or bhubneswar me kab milega plz..inform me at my mo no-9658326281 only sms no call.plz...

  • Anonymous

CEO, Nokia India, 26 Aug 2010Relax Guys.. We have seen people eagerly waiting for Nokia C3, S... moreare u really sure?????? i want this phone desperately and i have been roaming here and there for this phone.. i reside in gujarat. plz update me with the correct launch date.

  • Anonymous

LOOK..!!! I AM NOT COMMENTING ABOUT THE NOKIA C3. LOoKS like a very good phone to me in the given price range but why the hell is nokia delaying the launch...???? I mean when are they going to release it? When qwerty mobiles are extinct..??? Please NOKIA do something else PEOPLE will really "NO-KIA"..

  • C3

I bought this phone last tuesday, and I love it. It's price is cheap but it's specs will blow you away! (Not your pocket though)
Nokia Rocks!

  • C3Lover

Heya, i saw some comments here about nokia c3 and the corby txt..
In My Opinion..
NOKIA C3 Does BETTER than Samsung Corby TXT.
Nokia C3 has Wifi. Corby Txt doesn't.
Nokia C3 has amazing display. Corby TXT has PIXELATED display.
Nokia C3 has 2.4 inches display. Corby TXT has 2.2.
Nokia C3 has 1320 mAh Battery. Corby TXT has Only 800 mAh Battery.

These are just Some of the differences of these phone.. check the other by yourself..

By the way Nokia is better than samsung.. Even though nokia phones are heavier, They are high quality. For samsung.. even though their phones are light.. they look cheap when held. :)

~My opinion. Peace :)