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Nokia C3

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  • zahra

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2010after a few months samsung and lg will come out with their qwert... moreyeh...a competition..this phone sounds cheap...!!! w8ng to get this phone...!!

  • Anonymous

after a few months samsung and lg will come out with their qwerty phone with bigger screen and better features at lower price which will then force nokia to lower their price further below P6,295.00. the beauty of competition.

  • Manish

Ridiculous!! how much time i should wait for this phone!!

  • zarura

hellow..!!i juz saw the pix and the specifications of this nokia c3...and juz loved it..!!=)am planning to buy this phone but wondering how much it will cost in tz shillings..!heard its cheap..!!hope so..!!=D

  • maan

awaiing to get at the ealiest...

  • nhil

can't wait to get one!!!

  • Anonymous

When will C3 release in pakistan?

  • osama

when it will b coming in pakistan?do tell me i m duing to purchase this.....

  • Anonymous

very nice and affordable indeed.. but can you guys consider nokia c3 a smartphone?

  • Anonymous

Nokia c3 1000Pesos off here in Philippines (21.80 $ off) just for day! July 31, 2010

Nokia C3 is already very affordable at only Php 7,295. But Nokia Philippines has just decided to give true fans a treat by slashing a full thousand bucks to units that will be bought on July 31, 2010 -- bringing the price down to just Php 6,295!

Let's hear it from Nokia Philippines:

One time, big time for the Nokia C3

On July 31, 2010 get PhP 1,000 off for every purchase of a Nokia C3 mobile
phone! Get email, chat, Facebook and Twitter in style for as low as PhP

Built for the social networking butterfly in mind, the Nokia C3 offers instant
access to favorite sites straight from the homescreen, allowing people
to easily chat, tweet, follow, unfollow, view entries, post photos, like
statuses, comment on videos, and update their profile’s status. Writing
messages is quick thanks to its full QWERTY keyboard. Plus, email and chat
accounts can be set up straight from the device, without the need for a PC.
With its 2 megapixel camera, the Nokia C3 is awesome for taking pictures
and videos which can be instantly shared online, straight from the device, via
GPRS or Wi-Fi. You can also store up to 8GB of pictures, music and videos
by upgrading to an optional memory card.

The Nokia C3 comes in 3 cool colors -- hot pink, slate grey, and golden
white and will be available at all Nokia Stores and authorized Nokia Solution
Partners nationwide.

  • Carlo D.

there's an introductory price of Php 6,295.00 at Nokia Greenbelt 1 (Makati City, Philippines)this Saturday, July 31, 2010. Limited stocks only. Php 7,295 is the SRP and they might increase the price in the coming weeks. So hurry and reserve one now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2010so what's better now? nokia c3 or samsung corby wifi.. they both... moreI own a Samsung Corby Wifi, it's great. It's easy to use and it has well, nice features. It's almost the same with Nokia C3, the only difference is that C3 looks better because of its professional look. Comes with nice colors too!

So... If you are the type who wants PRO looking phones, go for Nokia C3! If you are more of a touch screen person, go for Samsung Corby Wifi.

I'm selling mine by the way... For that pro looking sleeky C3 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2010can u tell me da model no. of corby wi-fisamsung s3650W corby

  • usama zain

Asdi744, 19 Jul 2010guys i think that 90(euro)for NOKIA C3 is would be ar... morei think 90E is not fake because it is not having double camera and camera is 2 mp and flash is not available
i will buy this cell very soon....inshallah....

  • Anonymous

august mid will be in stores in india very soon

  • Anonymous

my nephew have a samsung corby and the touchscreen is not that good but in fairness for that price don't expect much.

  • Daoud

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2010so what's better now? nokia c3 or samsung corby wifi.. they both... moreSamsung Corby WiFi is better, it has smile capture, natural sound engine, and it is a touchscreen phone!

  • Anonymous

ragz, 27 Jul 2010so wen is this model arriving??in the philippines, Nokia C3 will be available on july 31, 2010. P6,450

  • Anonymous

c3 coming in the philippines this july 31 with special one day only price of P6,295.00. after july 31, the price will be P7,295.00.

  • Preet Sachdeva Delhi

aisha, 27 Jul 2010would u plz tell me when nokia c3 is going to release in india. 3rd week of august.. nokia confirmed this on twitter as well with price between 5.5 to 6.k