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  • nokia c3

Aarayan, nokia c3 will really be available after august? but, what about what had nokia said that it'll be released by mid of July? oh, com'on.. i've been waiting for this phone for months.. when will they launch it? :(

  • paks

i cant wait to buy this phone..i've read a lot of opinions most of it says,this a good phone for those who loves qwerty phones.

  • Aaryan

[deleted post]only two ways are there to get this phone.. either get this from indoneshia or get this from UK vodafone nd get it in use there.

  • Ali Khan

if u r uzing nokia c3 plz tell me does this cell rcv messages with above 160 characters a single msg or does it rcv it in parts???
plz do tell me as im planing to buy this cell

Thanx in advance

  • jooo.

anybody who has this phone? do you like it?
is it good. is the internet fast?
i'm planning to buy this phone. so just getting ur opinions, if i should buy it or not.

  • DS

C3 user, 27 Jun 2010Wi-Fi > YES GPS > NO SKYPE > NO 3G > NO Qui... moreHow many times I have to tell?
Nokia C3 is NOT SYMBIAN.
Its Nokia Series-40 phone.

  • nishant

madhav, 27 Jun 2010how is sound quality of Nokia c3very good sound quality

  • Anonymous

Look at the specifications of the phone before asking questions here.

  • C3 user

Wi-Fi > YES
3G > NO
Quickoffice > NO
this phone use symbian S40.
Speaker for telephone > good
Speaker for music > average for this segment (don't compare it to n97, LOL)

It's good for social networking, mail, chat (YM, MSN, etc). it's like Blackberry gemini, but in Symbian OS and cheaper price.

  • madhav

how is sound quality of Nokia c3

  • Anonymous

vikram.., 26 Jun 2010does it also have a Wi Fi facility???yes

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]about 6-8k, it will be launched in july

  • vikram..

does it also have a Wi Fi facility???

  • Anonymous

hey aaryan thnks 4 ur help !!
any idea wen ll it b available in hyderabad??
hopefully it ll be frst or 2nd week of july!
cant wait more thn tht !! :(

  • horse

only 160 characters for send message??
so long chat will be send on two parts sms

  • prudvi

Ankur, 25 Jun 2010defi Black dude.. it looks like blackberry..well I think girls w... moredoes it has wifi

  • amadeus

why my clock always mess up after i switch on the phone? anyone has this problem too? how to fix it?

  • Anonymous

Does it have a document viewer

  • Aaryan

[deleted post]it works on S40.. thats series 40..

does not support skype

  • Sukhmeet

Can we use skype?? As skype works on e71, can we use skype on c3?
What is C3's OS?? Like: s60, s40 or other than this??