Nokia C3

Nokia C3

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  • Anonymous

Can Microsoft Office Word be openned by the phone?

  • Kido

Where can i download free video converter for this phone ?

  • Tito

Kizindo, 27 May 2012Does this phone support video streaming plz help me!Yeah it supports video streaming.

  • AnonD-56597

very nice phone

  • Kizindo

Does this phone support video streaming plz help me!

  • AnonD-2613

AnonD-55305, 26 May 2012me toooooo want skype..sum1 help us... admin plez pay atention s... moreHere is skype for all Widescreen phones 320x240, it works fine on nokia c3 :)­hp?p=62900&t=0&i=19

  • Anonymous

Anyone know where can I download Coreplayer for c3 other than

  • saso salma

if i am the first who post on this mob. the others could be sorry stupid and care only for their career i hope when i get this mob. i dont feel that i chose wrong i hope.

  • gurdeep

nice phone

  • khummi

it is wonderful mobile with its design n with suitable price

  • Kido

TLAMN, 23 May 2012I can not stand this phone. I have had this phone for about a ye... moreBad luck. Mine still okay after countless drops, with thousand scratch. Got new screen now but not as good as factory's original.Still love this Nokia!!

  • AnonD-55305

Adi Butt, 25 May 2012Kindly help i want download the skype in c3me toooooo want skype..sum1 help us... admin plez pay atention solv our problm.

  • Abha Rehan

Planin to buy it 4 mah dear sisy as a gift b4 gettin married...hope she'll lyk luks gurlish sply the golden white wot u say frnds?....wud it b a gud choice?

  • Patel

Bad phone

  • AnonD-52730

Whatsapp has just stopped working on my C3. I can enter the application but when I send a message it is not received and I don't receive any that are sent to me. Any suggestions to fix this problem????

  • Metodi

Tito, 20 May 2012Well thanks metodi! That really helps but you need a pc to do th... morefor the movies I mostly use torrent trackers :)

  • Adi Butt

Kindly help i want download the skype in c3

  • M.nayaz

Nokia c3

  • Anonymous

its a good phone with a good camera but be careful, the screen is raised so it scratches REALLY easily

  • nabia

nokia c3 is very good phone introduced by nokia .i like this mobile .i am using this mobile from 1st of jan 2012 .i think its very good phone .i like c3 nice look .nice colors of this phne .excellent .and thank u nokia for giving us a very excellent phone.thanks a lot.