Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

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  • AnonD-12583

hey i bought this phone today and the messages aren't sending for some reason. tried calling the nokia care centre but they're a bunch of insufferable morons and then tried switching it off and then on again.. still isn't working.. could anyone help?

  • AnonD-12559

its a nyc phone and it works awesome
5 satrs to this phone. nyc metallic look.;-)

  • shiva

can any body tell me is there any software for spelling the incoming caller name for Nokia c3-01.

  • Jason

Tar, 30 Jun 2011 Not s60v3 so bad Why would you like dying S60 OS in to this phone ?

  • Jason

honcho, 29 Jun 2011was it confirmed that C3 Touch and Types' OS in S40? Yes its running S40

  • Tar

Not s60v3 so bad

  • Jelena, Serbia

My opinion - DON'T BUY this phone.
After 3 months, touch screen stop responding.
Also, from the beginning, if you choose option: Messages/Other messages/Flash message, and anything you do after that - telephone restarts - EVERY TIME you choose this option, same happens.
My opinion - incomplete hybrid platform, not recommend Nokia C3-01!

  • Sponky

Hi am unable to attend the second call incoming for me... is ther any option to activate it in Nokia c3-01

  • Anonymous

I'm thinking about buying the Nokia C3-01 touch and type.

Does anyone have this phone in the USA with AT&T? Can you comment on your service?

I hear there are problems with this phone in USA. I just want to check.

Thank you all!

  • Manani

I bought this phone in Kenya. It was made in Hungary. The screen failed to respond in less than 2 weeks. I returned to UKWALA ELDORET and they have kept me waiting for 2 weeks as they return it to Nokia service in Nairobi. Am very disappointed in Nokia.

  • PRIL

honcho, 29 Jun 2011was it confirmed that C3 Touch and Types' OS in S40? yupz i think so.. can you suggest any software that will be compatible for this kind of phone?

  • honcho

was it confirmed that C3 Touch and Types' OS in S40?

  • synd

If your nokia c3-01 is made in china... Then this is the solution for all the problems such as IMAGE CACHE FOLDER, AUTO RESTART, POOR SIGNAL, --- ALL you need to do is download the software VERSION 6.05. I suggest use NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER if you do have a computer. About the Battery Easily drain Issue.. there are 2 Effective Solutions... 1. Change the theme to DARK. 2. Change the Network mode to GSM.. Just change it to 3G if you really need it... (i found out that if your using 3G signal it eats up more battery.. ( Thank you)

  • Mushi

Whether USB Cable is provided when you buy the phone....because i have purcahsed the phone but there is no USB cable provided to me.......

  • synd

If your Phone is made in China .. Just upgrade the software to V6.05 which is the latest one and upgrade it using the NOKIA SOFWARE UPDATER ... All of the bugs and problems were solved.. I almost gave up .. but tnx to the new VERSION,,

  • Diya

I want to buy this phone,, is it the right decision or not, should i go for this because am bit confuse after reading the problems of others about this phone.


  • Bert

Per Specs, OK. However, since I bought it 5 Days ago, I visit Nokia Service Ctr almost everyday. Problem: I am migrating from my N5310 w/c has 1,800 contacts, 1 yaer Calendar and 15 Notes. C3-01 can only accommodate 1,300 contacts, no Calendar, No Notes and all functions, even Msgs hangs due to lack of Memory. Tried to trim down my contacts to 700 W/C even my old phone (N5310i) can handle up to 1,000; the problem exist. Again returmned it to Nokia and hopefully they can resolve it. Tried to get a service unit of the same model to test if my unit was defective, they only have old Models.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12109, 27 Jun 2011Hi Lee; I had some of the same problems as you had. I returned t... morehi rulken
i experienced of malfunctioning of my touch screen at the same time some of my applications are corrupted how can i fix that?

  • Simple

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2011can anyone suggest me about the touch quality?I have had no problems with touch... works great

  • John

rulken, 27 Jun 2011This is a great phone, when it's working. I have had to send it ... moreI have exactly the same problem with the reception dropping out unless in Melbourne city. I live in a large regional town and fail to get reception 75% of the time. I thought it was the sim but put it into my old Nokia and it works fine. This is the second phone I have had with this issue. The first one also turned itself off overnight after the screen started flashing first and waking me up.