Nokia C5-03

Nokia C5-03

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  • AnonD-23885

nsv, 27 Sep 2011plz.. Dönt buy this.. Am using frm last 1 month.. Wors... moreits a best phone under range 10,000 rs.if we have to delet,mark,send etc.we have to long press on that file..........

  • imi

how is the keyboard...?? and z touch is excellent? reply me

  • hi

Then good map which helps you to drive or walk to your destination. Especially when you are struck in a unknown place it really helps and when you want to find a hotel or shopping place near its very useful. Then I find So many hidden features timing silent profile(you can set your phone to change automatic silent profile to selected time). Very light to carry. Good resolution HD video support and so many

  • hi

Then I never had a good faster internet in my pc through this mobile. Such a fast internet using this mobile in my PC. Good symbian phone.

  • hi

Hi all, this mobile is so cool. It has a good browser. recently nokia released a software update. That enhanced its browser too. Fine mobile. I can access all the websites like pc. Recently I receive memory full complaint. I contacted nokia cust care. They told me to reset(removing mem card) which helped me to erase unwanted hidden MBs. Now its ok.

  • imi

guys i am hoping to buy a C5-03..but i dont know much about the i want to buy or z there any phone better than that in video calls..? plz help me buddy..drop your comments soon.

  • user

vikky, 25 Sep 2011is it really a buyable phone becuz i hv heard that its hard... mores boss.. Its nt fr rough.. Nd delicate also.. Mine already switchoff by its own.. User shld be use ths in mre careful

  • nsv

Munni, 25 Sep 2011I really like its design. I have heard that its users are f... moreplz.. Dönt buy this.. Am using frm last 1 month.. Worst phone.. No stastisfaction.. Decidng to sell... its dis advantage s no delete option fr anything except in message,no mark several options,no rename option for files or songs,new folder option s there but there s no mve option to mve files,u cant send audio files to others.. Good one s looks super.. Wifi s thre.. 5 mp camera pics s vgud at oly in day tme nt in ngt.. Totaly bad phone marketing by nokia.. bad..

  • vini

no use.. To buying this c5 03 phone.. There no basic optiöns.. Delete,rename,move,mark several,no floder option for songs.... Where this type of basic option in this phone..? So waste of buying this

  • me_here

will i be able to access facebook twitter here?

  • Gagan

cht, 27 Sep 2011can i get video calls from nokia c5No, you can't make video calls because you need front camera to make video calls.

  • Anonymous

No you can't make video calls because you'll need front camera for video calling.

  • Anonymous

what is the difference of capacitive and resistive screen??

  • Triple s

AnonD-19590, 27 Aug 2011i'm using this phone since 2 weeks , in starting days i was... moreI was thinking is this phone better than galaxy pop ?? That phoneallow us to download practically unlimited apps wheres this phone shows memory full!!that has android but 2.2 in same range. What should i do ?? Go with this one or samsung ???? Suggest me soon as possible .......

  • yum

a theme for our phone to make it more attractive! :)

  • Anonymous

if u want big ts then 5233 can compete with it. if u want video call there is c5-5mp.i find no reason to go for c5-03.

  • Anonymous

no it does not support video call .for video calling there is none better than c5-5mp.

  • ashish

KONDAL, 26 Sep 2011where is the front cam?i m wonderin for the front csm....


his phone is not proper working and it's look very bad.

  • cht

can i get video calls from nokia c5