Nokia C5-03

Nokia C5-03

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  • Anonymous

My nokia c5-03 start up failed. what im going to do?


i do not open whatsapp in nokia c5-03.i open whatsapp when show me please correct ur date and time bt after i correct date and time the one only option is exit when i press exit whatsapp was what can i do?please help me

  • alireza

please advise for us that how can to enable internal gps for nokia c5-03?

  • Anonymous

Please help me to open my telefon to put sim card in it i do not know how to do ...Thanks

  • vicks

Pathetic. For 45 minutes onli
ne looking for C5 software and got only a lot of rubbish

  • Prince

suman, 15 Jul 2015Jst download netquin mobile app & it will helps to dosconect... moreThanks Suman for telling it really helps

  • Mxprt

I think it is best Phone because
Call Recording Total Recall Application 100% work in this Phone all Android Phone Lacks this Feature
You can make invisible Call Recording App Using Icon Hider Application
You can Disable Camera Shutter Sound
Long battery backup
I am Android Developer but Android is nothing as compared to this I we forget Playing Games
That's Why I am Using This Phone Since 2011

  • AnonD-155367

it's quite good in the past with the earlier firmware versions but is very buggy now
Such as:
-Double wi-fi networks
-Selecting a wi-fi network connects to the one on top

  • suman

Kaj, 13 Jun 2015Please tell,whats app will using then exit with whats app,the in... moreJst download netquin mobile app & it will helps to dosconect data connection & when u wnt to conect wid whatsapp jst open netquin & chenge the setting. It's really easy to work & the app also protect ur phn frm virous. So be happy & enjoy ur nokia phn

  • Anonymous

this is one of the best model in nokia

  • Anonymous

to switch off you data connection, go to settings, internet connection and set packed data off, because its set on 'when need'. Or press and hold the red button for 3 seconds, it will ask you to switch it off, but it will reconnect again after 5 minutes, for more info whats app me on +2772 1001 435. Great phone, nice and portable. Been using it for 5 years now and its still strong.

  • nicky

hwo to trun off what app lot of data lose,,

  • Kaja

How ,turn off the whats app after using,because the internet data will not disconnected. So my balance amoun was charged.

  • Kaj

jagannath, 30 Jan 2015sound and camera awsoooooooome. i love my phone.Please tell,whats app will using then exit with whats app,the internet data will not disconnected so the internet pack will over against also the main balance will charged the amount.

  • Debu

how can i turn off the mobile data

  • Viky

Wifi conectivity problem

  • Anonymous

Pratap, 05 May 2015Outdated Phone... Dont buy it now...yes

  • Pratap

Outdated Phone... Dont buy it now...

  • Suman

imti, 18 Mar 2015Outdated phone, I do not recommend to buy it now.Obviously. It's already 5 years now.

  • Anonymous

for long use a best one but not so much fun about apps on this symbian..