Nokia C5-03

Nokia C5-03

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  • aman

drifter, 09 Jul 2012give me an opinion about this phone,,,because i want to buy one ... moreGo for htc exploar or samsang galaxy y or nokia 500.

  • SIA

i have just bought myself a c5-03 and i love it, my problem though is at times when people tyr to get hold of me it goes straight to voice mail has anyone had same the same problem and how can i resolve it? also my battery goes flat after just less than 48hrs,is it because its still new? please help

  • Anonymous

dam deez, 13 Jul 2012i cnt play motion sensor games like asphlt5 3d,nfs shift by my c... moreits very superrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Umer

This mobile is not a high quality mobile

  • Umer

This mobile is not a high quality mobile

  • tendu

i am using this phone since 7 months, but there is a lot of problem with this phone. The touch screen of this phone has stopped working. it is under warranty and but still the company is still denying for its repair the response of the company to the costume is not so good. Now I came to know that it is better to use Samsung phones rather than nokia.Now a days nokia is just for name...

  • dam deez

i cnt play motion sensor games like asphlt5 3d,nfs shift by my c5 03.. But they can b installed. Dnt those support to c5 03? If can plz hlp me.

  • phra

it's a good mobile, but it has some drawbacks such as resistitive touch screen, no gpu, lesser RAM, no flash and no front camera etc., but it's a good cell for browsing

  • candar

i want buy this mobile so i want now about mobile realty

  • Anonymous

Problem raises most with tghe touch..

  • loyaltywilliams

where was c5-03 made...cos i can seen finland on mine but its looks like fake

  • jm

this phone hangs a lot. the gallery is so slow. its processor speed is not sufficient for multitasking.

  • abc

pls tel hows its camera quality

  • drifter

give me an opinion about this phone,,,because i want to buy one like this for 99 euro in italy.

  • Pele

The Nokia C3 is a new phone but is really useless. Its saving memory is just 500 names while my old NOkia 6600 does not have a limit on the names and particulars you want to save. U are only able to send 20 sms at ones and have to wait if you intend to send more than 20 sms's. Shame on the people who have stolen our money fraudulently.

  • Deepak

Phone looks good but lots of problem also come with this set, software crashes etc

  • Amit66

Nisar Ahmed, 06 Jul 2012i want to buy a new one plz guys give me a real information abou... morePlease won't purchase this phone because i use this phone. all time hack and very slow speed i think u purchase nokia 500 and other companies android phone

  • Ansari

Dear Users, I have a bad experience about Nokia c5-03, I think there is a problem with touch screen of this model.......

  • Anonymous

1.good battery backup internet(wifi and 3g)
5.motion sensor games
6.nearly 40mb ram good for apps run
7.intall apps under 55 to get good speed

Dis. secondary camera flash
3.resistive touch screen
4.os s60v5 hd game

  • bilal

it's relatively old phone,, But by comparing its spec. with its price you will find that buying it is a good deal,,,, remember that its camera has no flash or autofocus , screen isn't multitouch its processor speed is 600Mhz ,, the processor speed as in nokia c6,, you will face the hanging trouble specifically through using nokia maps