Nokia C5 5MP

Nokia C5 5MP

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  • Kamlesh

Nokia C5 black colour hai

  • Rahul

Nokia c5

two combination java & symbian

  • Jukka

Alex, 16 Mar 2021Unbelievably good, still working like a LC70 (Land Cruiser ... moreYes. Usinng-no need to change

  • Alex

Unbelievably good, still working like a LC70 (Land Cruiser 70 Series), tough, effectively functional, robust, die-hard.

  • Anonymous

TEMBO, 22 Dec 2020Anyone still stocking the C5-5MPYes we are

My boy!! 🥺🥺🥺

Nokia=Quality, still working like a charm, but all keypads buttons fell from the mobile. Original panel available? If so share a link


Anyone still stocking the C5-5MP

  • Sid

Best phone I have used ever

  • bruhmoments121

This was my childhood phone,600mhz processor,256mb of ram and 512mb rom, the specs are good

  • Tritonal

This will continue to be my best primary phone. Slick and nice. Fast and durable. Good sound output over earpiece. Good battery life. T9 champion. This is my take on symbian as the best OS. Android is just crap.

  • joshalion

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2020Guys am having problem with Nokia C5 5MP when I put sim car... moreadjust by stick or tiny wood size of a finger nail so to support on pressing the sim card.

  • Anonymous

Guys am having problem with Nokia C5 5MP when I put sim card it brings sim card not valid

  • MR.Toasty

This C5 5MP is the best phone before the Matrix of data harvest !
Get your life and privacy back.
Sick Phone way better than the new model cheap Nokia.

  • TechSavvy7986

Big ttod, 28 Oct 2019Pls can someone who is using this phone help me, does Bluet... moreHi, Go into settings> Bluetooth> Paired devices> New paired device> More devices.
Then wait till it recognises your headset and that should be it...
Enjoy and post if you have any more issues.....

  • Big ttod

Pls can someone who is using this phone help me, does Bluetooth tethering work with the phone's Bluetooth and can u connect a wireless headset to the Bluetooth of this phone. Thanks

  • mujaheed

John, 13 Jan 2019Guys, I'm unable to hack my refurbished Nokia c5 00 5 mp.A ... morehow i renew my nokia c5

  • Anonymous

Great phone!! (even despite the issue below)
Any resolve for the "C5 5MP" that actually only has 68Mb storage and 3MP camera? Is it the wrong plastic case on an old phone? (a refurb. or fake?) Or is it a firmware issue? Current firmware is for RM-645, though the sticker under the battery has "Type" as RM-745 (but doesn't say C2-00.2).

  • Anonymous

Nachum37, 25 Oct 2018It depends. for me the answer is C5, there is no question, ... morenokia c5 is a dual os symbian and java