Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • AnonD-13409

In this phone automatic brightness full gain and low if any work on internet till 1 hour then his eye sure irrtetion and pain full. it's light senser is not good.

  • AnonD-15240

My c6-01 have blue numbers up to the rigth screan... And i dont how, and what is that for?

  • Pompy

My c6-01 have blue numbers up to the rigth screan... And i dont how to remove, and what is that for?

  • jacky

sathya, 26 Jul 2011hi this is eesy way to instal skype for nokia c6 01 first u go t... morebullshit. nokia c6-01 can't support skype..

  • kingaman

hi frnds. M gng to buy this phn. Can i update its symbian os to symbian anna, after the release of symbian anna?

  • justine

can someone tell me how to delete those unwanted caller tunes or songs in c6-01.i jas bought this phone.

  • kola

Why i asked this question is that i want to buy a smart phone a product of nokia.
Am not too good in slide phone, flip up phone because of the problem usually encountered with the phone in the case of its flex.
I will travel to the city in no distant time. I would want to know so please any one with an answer should please help out.

  • kola

I have read alot of reviews about this phone c6-01 and all that has been said or reviewed about the phone i love it.
As i was checking online all about the phone i start to wonder if the phone nokia c6-01 is it same as c6?
And secondly, i have read that nokia c6-01 is a touch screen phone but is it slide phone too?

  • pratip_77

can anyone help me out with some softwares to etend my battery life and antivirus for my c6-01

  • Soumya

good phone.but the battery longitivity is not so good.

  • Soumya

good phone.but the battery longitivity is not so good.

  • Jay

i m plannig 2 buy a new smartphone of range near about rs 15000 so i have made 3 choices as follows..dd 1. nokia c6 01 2. samsung wave s8530 3. samsung ace ppln n getting confused between them so cn u hlp me out plz... plz hlp. . . . .

  • AnonD-14998

Well which is better for me to buy ?

samsung wave II or Nokia c6-01

I want a camera phone with fast internet , light gaming, standard music performance and long battery life.

plz suggest me..which is better and detail

reply soon

  • poooh

plz cn any one tell me does Skype works on nokia c6-01 ..plz do tell me

  • Anonymous

skype have on c6-01 phone

  • Sumit

Any one tell me about c6-01

  • Gopi

good mobile with all features..good low price mobile with good cameera features(8 mp)..

  • Anonymous

c6-01 z better dan galaxy ACE n fact within its range itz better dan all ur GALAXIES n OPTIMUS..!!!!bt d prblm lies wen it cms to battry backup,belive me it SUCKS...:( doesnt matter if itz full chargd or nt bt if u r outside u gotta hav ur POWER SAVING MODE activated,den may be it wil last more dan a some of u r sayin dat aftr ANNA update battry prblm will b solvd.if it does den its fine otherwise inspite of d fact dat its having AMOLED DISPLAY n nokia CLEAR BLACK display{which z absent in C7 though it costs nrly 3000rs more dan c6-01..:(:(:(:(} n also (within its range i.e 13600rs) it is having a very gud responsive touch display which z a way better dan ur 5800XM n C6,inspite of all dese i dont think its a gud buy coz of its battry backup,if u r a music lover den buy a gud headphone early on coz d one which u r goin to gt wid ur mbl is a crap...its nothing wen compared to others.wen u r in sm kind of traffic u wll hear everything apart from d song dat u r playing.overall d nly prblm which i feel z its battry n for dat i m waitin for symbian anna.if everything goes well den i wll b havin dis mbl fr sm more tym otherwise its better to move to sm android like galaxy or optimus net.coz dere is no point of sticking to symbian to get only 6-8hrs of battry backup..!!!!!

  • Anonymous

some online stores offer phones on a lesser price than nokia priority. are those handsets considered as reliable as are in nokia store?

  • Anonymous

C6-01 is best phone. good features, nice screen, sound quality is good, build quality is good, good touch screen responds, But camera lens should be upgraded to Carl Zeiss optics.. And headphones is not up to mark..