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Nokia C6-01

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  • Anonymous

123, 14 Apr 2011i have purchased C6-01 recently and i am facing issues on voice ... morefor touchscreen it is normal. all touchscreens get locked when u attend calls

  • 123

i have purchased C6-01 recently and i am facing issues on voice calls,
once i receive the call all the options in the screen get disabled(it goes to lock mode)
and i can't see the details of the person calling me.i need to unlock the mobile and attend the call.
is it normal for all the phones.Pls advice me??

  • ekyr

Saadat, 13 Apr 2011Can anyone tell me about the Wi-Fi quality of C6-01?Very good wifi quality

  • Anonymous

Hey friends
I'm planning to buy a new phone and my range is upto 20k.I'm confused b/w C6-01 and htc wildfire s(will be launched soon). Till now i have been a sony phn user and i'm a fan of sony for it's music and camera quality. can anybody tell me about C6-01 music quality. is it anywhere near sony's music quality. does nokia provide ear phones similar to sony's ear phone. Also give your opinion on htc related to above mentioned pts.

  • sam

I am unable to setup mailbox on this phone. When I tried to create am e-mail ID it tries to save the settings and finally displays unable to save the settings and returns to home screen. What is the problem? Can anyone suggest?

  • tolex

its d best i have ever used

  • AnonD-2117

Hey frenz
Wats the current market price of this phone?
And wil dis get the symbian anna update?

  • Saadat

Can anyone tell me about the Wi-Fi quality of C6-01?

  • emaint

am using this phone.I love it.

  • Prabu

[deleted post]do buy c6-01 .. its samll but an awesome phone ..

  • Pammu

Hi guys... Plz help me..
C6-01 supports all formats of videos???
Avi, mkv, flv,...?

  • Beauty

c6-01 supports these functions?
loud sound

  • Ahmad

I own this phone from three weeks now

its amazing phone

play all videos i want
perfect camera
very sensitive touch screen
small and freaking awesome

  • golu

actuali i m workng in the mobil store,,,,,, nd i had a gud experinc f tizz phn,, itzz jus awesoom,, yrr

  • Anonymous

its a awesome using it from past 1 week.........its supports hd video recording......and has voice command which is superb.....feature.......touch is capacitive.....the sensors are gud............its gud go 4 it

  • BelaCom

Thanks marv. I will wait for d third batch of c7.

  • Anonymous

c6-01 is just amazing! Save for the small memory size,i prefer it to c7.

  • gani

AnonD-2572, 06 Apr 2011Yes, its a good phone. I just found it to be a bit cramped perso... morei want c6-01 second hand phone

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]c6-01 vaangu. athu c5 a vida nallam..

  • AnonD-5032

I recently purchased Nokia C6-01. This is my 1st mobile with touchscreen. I used Nokia 6030. I was quite satisfied with 6030 but needed GPS & camera. So I started surfing around. After spending a lot of
time understanding features & specifications of various phones on net & shops, I decided to buy C6-01. I bought from Tata chroma in Ahmedabad. Surprisingly, Chroma was offering the lowest price Ė lower than even Nokia priority dealers.
Itís been little more than a month with the phone & Iím quite satisfied with the phone. I like all the features. Let me explain more details with problems first.
1. The battery discharges quite fast. I generally switch off the phone at night & donít use GPRS, WLAN, etc. much. My phone usage is also low Ė about 5 calls & few SMS a day. So the battery lasts for about 3 days. But I think this is a general problem with almost all touchscreen phones.
2. The camera result is ok. Not so great.
3. The camera lens doesnít have a cover. So I suggest to get a good case.
Now about the features. I like most of the features. The phone is quite configurable. My wife has Sony Ericsonís X10 mini pro with Android. But I like the UI of C6-01 more. Most of the apps are preinstalled (like photo editor, radio, voice recorder, etc.). I would recommend this phone for those who donít use net much. The problem with Android phones is that the user has to download apps. Whereas Nokia has preinstalled.
The clear black AMOLED display is amazing. The video recording is also quite good. The home screen is very configurable. The phone is almost all the latest features. The advantage of Nokia GPS is the free navigation system. One of the best features of Nokia is the file organizer. Another one is the steel body. There are so many other good features that you can read from
The symbion 3 OS has a lot of good things to offer.

Update after 3 months: This is still a good phone. It didnít hang even once. Go for it.