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  • H!r@k'z

hey guyz plz do me a favour.... m gonna buy C6. Will it be better than X6 or may I go fo X6???? Rplyyyyy.........

  • TheMasochist

AnonD-2572, 03 Mar doesn't have c6-01 themes. :(

  • new user

I mean white when you whatch some white picture

  • new user

anybody noticed when the display is white the glass have some scratches ,vertical lines - what is that?? Pls whatch your device and tell me someone , I m worried :S (on full contranst)

  • Biben

Hi guys. Hw is the performance of c6 01? I want to buy Nokia but not symbia s60's nokia

  • Anonymous

Is this phone available in Nigeria? What is the price?.. Pls anybody 4rm Nigeria should reply. Thanksss

  • AnonD-898

AnonD-3102, 05 Mar 2011Hi all, I was planing to buy Nokia-c7.I really liked its look... morec6-01 is better as it has a cbd amoled display. c7 has plain amoled display

  • AnonD-3102

Hi all,
I was planing to buy Nokia-c7.I really liked its
look and price.but after reading some comments about
its display(video playback) i am thinking about getting a Nokia c6-01.Guys, Please suggest me which phone is better for watching videos.C7 or C6?

  • AnonD-2572

[deleted post]You're welcome mate. About album art and tag editing, I havent found an app to do it, but I'll tell you how you can get it done..

The easiest way is if you havent yet transferred your music to your phone. You can then edit the tags and album art in windows media player or winamp 5, add album art and then transfer the file to the phone. I think you already have music in your phone, so here's what you do..

1) Connect your phone in mass storage mode to your pc. This is to access your music folder which i suppose is on your memory card. If you can remove the memory card and connect it to your PC via a card reader, thats even better.
2) The next thing to do is ensure your music files have correct tag info, ie about title/artist and album. If they do, you're fine.(You can check by right-clicking on a file in Windows and selecting Properties->details.You should see artist/album info under "Media"). If it doesnt have tag info then you gotta fix that first. You can use Winamp 5's auto tag feature.Open ur phone's music folder in Winamp, then select all the files(playlist window) and right click and select auto-tag. This will fetch info on all your songs. If it cant ID any file, it will say unsure. You can check the info and save/apply changes.

3) Now the album art. Now that your music files have tag info, you can get album art through mp3Tag (google and download it). I find that works best even though winamp 5 and windows media player can also do it. Open your music folder on your phone from Mp3Tag. It will read and open all the files. Then set your tag source (in the menu bar) as discogs or use this),Then simply select a file by clicking once on it, press the globe icon with the two arrows on top and select the album art you want. Its a little time consuming cos you have to do each file individually but it works well and saves the cover art to the tag so your music player can read it with no problems.

Thats it..hope it works for you..If any one knows a automatic album loader like Mussorgsky for N900 for symbian, please share it. Mussorgsky has worked wonders on my N900, on my C7, I had to do it manually.

Hope it works for you, Cheers.

  • AnonD-3077

I like this phone.

  • rocker

AnonD-3003, 04 Mar 2011Hi All, I bought Nokia C6-01 3days ago from Cochin, Kerala, a... morehello dufus the android is not so good its laggy actually and the browser is not as good as u say it is LOSER

  • AnonD-1414

Nokia C6-01 is the best phone i ever had.....touch so smooth, in ma area i got no problem with signal and the battery playback rocks....all in all the best phone within this price range....i got no problem at all.....

  • kumar

we cannot instal google search application in c6 01.this is the major problem in this phone.even c5 (rs 7200) has this fecility.

  • AnonD-3003

Hi All,

I bought Nokia C6-01 3days ago from Cochin, Kerala, and I was completely on it these days. Here is my review about the phone.

I cost me 16k Indian Rupees with 1 year guarantee, Data cable, WH-205 ear bud headphone, Portable charger, Ovi suite DVD, Normal Nokia Headphone, Manual, Unlimited Music for life time from Ovi Music and a free 3G sim from Nokia Priority Dealer.

I was using Nokia N73 ME before an I was eager to get this smart phone. It is really price worthy phone. Difference between N8 and C6-01 are

1) Internal memory for N8 is 16Gb, where as for C6-01 is 340MB.
2) N8 has 12MP Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash,C6-0 has 8 MP, fixed focus, dual-LED flash.
3) N8 Display is 360 x 640 pixels, 3.5 inches and C6-01 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches.
4) Same processor and GPU, so we can enjoy HD game on both.
5) Both has TV out, but N8 has TV-out via HDMI with Dolby Digital Plus sound.
6) Quick office available on both, but we need to buy pro version to edit documents
7) USB to go cable is not available with C6-01

Overall I am very much satisfied with Nokia C6-01 and touch screen is very sensitive. It is well packed with composition of metal and plastic. I never saw any other model from Nokia has this much finish, though it not look good at the camera and speaker integrated part. Since back cover is metal, phone gets heat very fast. Nokia already pulled an update for it's firmware which fix some issues with landscape dialer..etc. There is not much changes is in the Menu from the previous symbian version. But I installed N-Desk, which is a free software available form Ovi store will cover that issue. Music player and video player is awesome. Almost all the media files are working with out any lagging. Photo browser interface is bit boring. 8MP camera is very good which has almost all option like Geo-tagging, face detection..etc, even though auto focus is not available. But it is good quality one and video out put is 720p@25fps which is HD quality. Battery is good one. We can use the phone a full day after a full battery charge (if not in 3G network). The side touch screen lock is bit hard. Internet browser is better but it lacks when compare with android. Ovi Map is the one of the best feature. Music player is awesome and very easy to use. But I am unable to find any option to create or edit equalizer settings, also I am unable to edit song details. It will be good if audio jack port is on the top. I suggest you to install "X-plore" which is free product available at Ovi store for a better file management

So that's all you folks ...

acoustics92 (at) yahoo . com

  • rosh

AnonD-2572, 04 Mar 2011Just a couple of comments : A lot of readers are asking compa... moreI agree with u........comments are exactly what it is...I finally have my cute c6-01......and works great.....a very good phone at this price.....go for it....

  • AnonD-2476

can any one tell me if there is any apps to edit Office files like word , excel files in Symbian 3. please do indicate........

  • AnonD-2572

Just a couple of comments :

A lot of readers are asking comparisons between the C7/C6-01/N8. They all have the same software and pretty much the same features but differ in hardware, for example the N8 has HDMI out, 720p HD TV output and larger internal storage (16 GB vs 8 GB on C7 and 340 MB on the C6-01). The C6-01 uses a clear black display that is pretty good and the price range of the three go down in this order - N8-C7-C6-01. I'm happy with the C7, I think the N8 has a great still cam, you should know that the still camera on C7 and C6-01 is fixed focus, and in my experience it takes great pics outdoors but appears fuzzy indoors even with good lighting. I think the C6-01 is a cute,compact and very capable phone, but I personally find the 3.2" screen to be a bit cramped. Ultimately its a question of how much your willing to spend and whether the extra money is worth the extra feature. All 3 phones are exactly the same when it comes to running software and apps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2011Nokia c6-01 or Samsung Galaxy Ace... Give suggestions...pls..i w... moreNokia C6-01

  • AnonD-2572

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2011Nokia c6-01 or Samsung Galaxy Ace... Give suggestions...pls..i w... moreSymbian does not have as many apps as android available, but that said, its a reliable OS and its fast with no lags and also not as demanding of CPU and hardware as android. On the other hand android has more features, a better browser and a lot of apps and games.You should know that the Ace is a midrange Android with a sub 1 Ghz processor. It doesnt have flash in the browser (neither does the C6-01, it has flashlight 4, which works well),and some of the android apps may not work with it due to its hardware and display. I was able to find most apps and games I need for my C7 which has similar software as the C6-01 and I'm happy with it. If you want a more entertaining phone and ur gonna keep it only for a year or so before you get a new phone then get the Galaxy ace, else get the C6-01.

  • Anonymous

Nokia c6-01 or Samsung Galaxy Ace... Give suggestions...pls..i want to buy tomorrow... I'm very very confused....