Nokia E51 review: Connecting business

Connecting business

GSMArena team, 06 December 2007.

Nokia offers a wide range of Eseries business handsets, including Communicators and enhanced messaging devices of different form factors. Each E series phone is optimized for different types of business users, but all feature the familiar and friendly S60 user interface over Symbian OS. The new Nokia E51 combines compact dimensions, rich communication skills, a comfortable keyboard and stylish design, aiming to be a classic and conservative all-round performer.

Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51
Official photos of Nokia E51

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM/3G (with HSDPA 3.6 Mbps), EDGE and GPRS support
  • Wi-Fi, VoIP over WLAN
  • Symbian 9.2 OS Series 60 3rd edition UI with Feature Pack 1
  • 12 mm slim, elegant design
  • 130 MB onboard memory, expandable via microSD cards (up to 4 GB), hot swap
  • Very comfortable keyboard and D-pad
  • Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and IrDA (115 kbps)
  • New Symbian key icons
  • Fast user interface

Main disadvantages

  • 2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, nor flash
  • Extremely hard-to-press volume rocker, power button and voice recorder key
  • Stale multimedia interface
  • Cannot edit office documents
  • Doesn't charge when connected via USB
  • Voice dial works well only with English names

Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51
Nokia E51 all around

Another conservative and business-like handset fills in the ranks of the Nokia E-series. Metallic highlights and clean lines make the E51 emphatically the business-minded user's choice. Subtlety and moderation in design are key in this solid and elegant phone. It's not only the succession of numbers in the model name that call for a comparison with the forerunning Nokia E50. Although the two handsets have quite a lot in common in terms of design, the new E51 isn't exactly a chip off the old block.

Nokia E51 takes functionality to a higher level than E50. The successor measures 114.8 x 46 mm, which is pretty much the same as the old Nokia E50, but its 12 mm slimness makes good sense in Nokia's business line. The E51 is the thinnest Eseries squad member. The weight has gone up by only 4 grams to a total of 100 sharp, which is a great achievement, given the features this handset offers.

The build quality is commendable. Ergonomics are at a high level too, especially as far as the keyboard is concerned. Well, we could clearly state the new Nokia E51 is an improvement on all fronts. The only disadvantage we noticed is the fingerprint susceptibility of the shiny metallic rear panel, as well as the metal framing on the front.

Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51
Nokia E51 and E50 head-to-head: welcome improvements

What comes with it

The package contents of Nokia E51 are on par with most of the other non-multimedia Nokia phones. Having mentioned fingerprints, the piece of fine cloth that comes in the box is a good way to start exploring the retail package. Other than that, the box includes the small AC-5 DC charger, a mini USB connection cable (DKE-2), headset (HS-47), and the Eseries CD-ROM. Nokia E51 also comes with a Quickstart guide and User guide. Finally, let's mention the Li-Ion Battery (BP-6MT) with capacity of 1050 mAh.

Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia E51
The retail package offers a standard set of accessories

Reader comments

  • Pakistan

""best phone i have ever used"". trying to find another set after my last set broke down.

  • Lil slim


  • umesh manocha

why it has not been designed to be charged by usb